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PC \\ Helping You with you Hunts today \\ [RamFam] [TeamPK] [SOV]

26 avg live viewers (39 peak) • Jan 14, 2019

Highlight: The Perfect Tether - Shattered Throne final boss blind run

Jan 10, 2019
This was our most perfect finish of the Shattered Throne for the first time ever. I was 588, second at 646, and our third at 554. We all hadn't done it before, and I went in blind. I think it was t...

Mega Bomb Barrels? Who needs those?

Jan 08, 2019
HR100 Sapphire Star Guidance quest Teostra. Missed bomb barrels on wake hit.

PC \\ SPREAD JEWEL 3 FINALLY! Viewer !sessions

16 avg live viewers (24 peak) • Jan 06, 2019

Just start the stream already [SOV] [TeamPK] [RamFam]

16 avg live viewers (26 peak) • Jan 04, 2019

Back online!