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Welcome to the Hellsmouth - Brandykins Interviews GalaxyGraves

10 views • Jan 14, 2019
After letting her food digest, GalaxyGraves, a Twitch content creator and creator of the Cackling Cauldron show (along with HacksawJenny), came onto Terrorific Talk to discuss why she loves horror....

The Aftermath - Tim Cowles, Lynda Cowles, and Klemens Koehring Reflect

15 views • Jan 07, 2019
Guess who's back...back again... It's Tim Cowles! He's back, along with his lovely wife, Lynda. They also brought a friend along...Klemens Koehring, who plays Poe, of Poe and Munro, in the FMV gam...

Die Hard is Not a Christmas Movie - The Musings of GothixModel

21 views • Jan 07, 2019
Episode 11 finds us talking with the QUEEN, GothixModel, about the love of horror. She makes some horror movie recommendations, gets my hopes up about movies maybe/maybe not being on Netflix (THANK...

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