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I've been at this for over 7.5 years now & I throw content at your face every day. I play a wide variety of games, from strategy, to rpg, to action, to adventure, to roguelike, to rts, fps, tps, & all the "ps's"! From Indie to Triple A & all things in between. I cover 4 current gen systems too - PC - PS4 - PS5 - Switch. I do tons of New Releases, some long running series, & even retro gamin...

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Let's Play Black Skylands - (Early Access) - Part 1 - Talk About A Tonal Shift!

57 views Aug 01, 2021
Let's Play Black Skylands! It looked like an upbeat, bright, adventure high in the sky. It even started off as that too. Then came the time skip. I'm intrigued and can't wait to see more. Fun ...

Let's Play Disgaea 6 Defiance Of Destiny - Part 10 - Puppy Love!

81 views Aug 01, 2021
Apparently, we are supposed to embrace the power of love. Zed's not having any of it. The King just loves money. Melodia is insane as always, and the poor puppy kept trying to share is past love...

Time to Try Persona for the first time! Persona 5 here we come!

3 avg live viewers (6 peak)Jul 29, 2021

Time to Try Persona for the first time! Persona 5 here we come!

1 avg live viewers (1 peak)Jul 29, 2021

Let's Play Dark Deity - Part 6 - All The Upgrades!

80 views Jul 29, 2021
Looks like it's time for many folks to become better folks! Man I miss playing this. I am genuinely happy when I'm playing Dark Deity. :D ________________________________________________________...

New World Continues!

2 avg live viewers (4 peak)Jul 27, 2021

Let's Play Samurai Warriors 5 - (PS4) - Part 2 - Near Death Experience!

76 views Jul 26, 2021
We continue with the adventure of Nobunaga and the second battle has me dealing with folks fairly easily. Until the last guy that is. He manages more than a few hits and nearly defeats me. Thank...

Let's Play Samurai Warriors 5 - (PS4) - Part 1 - Nobunaga Oda Steps Up!

353 views Jul 26, 2021
Let's Play Samurai Warriors 5! I've been a fan of the "Warriors" series for a very long time. I believe I first played Dynasty Warriors 3 and have played quite a few of them since. I was super s...

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