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Let's Play SaGa Frontier Remastered - Part 1 - My Brother Is A Shapeshifter?!?!

307 views Apr 14, 2021
#KeyWasProvided A big thank you to Square Enix for sending a code my way! I've been chasing this for years! :D Let's Play SaGa Frontier Remastered! I've only dabbled a little bit in the SaGa s...

Deep Rock Galactic!

6 avg live viewers (8 peak)Apr 13, 2021

Let's Play Dead By Daylight - Custom Games - Part 22 - I Suck!

69 views Apr 13, 2021
Apparently, in a wide open map, I don't do well with Mike Myers! I have never played him before and I suppose it shows. We have a TON of these backlogged from the streams and I'll be trying to pu...

Let's Play Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & The Secret Fairy - Part 7 - The Stone Hatched?!?!

77 views Apr 11, 2021
Time to make the required items and then see if it will pay for our room. Turns out we did a decent enough job and we have less worries now! However, a strange thing happens. Our little stone, d...

Let's Play Ys VIII Lacrimosa Of DANA - Part 79 - We Found A Butler!

86 views Apr 10, 2021
We find a very odd person in a very odd way this time around. Apparently, it's Laxia's butler. Strangely enough. Heh. _____________________________________________________________ Finally I can...

Let's Play Disgaea 5 Complete - Prinnys Only d00d! - Part 11 - Mon-Toss Scares Me!

58 views Apr 09, 2021
This level has me all sorts of nervous as I need to toss a bunch of stuff around to get around. Tossing things is spookums time when you are a Prinny! _____________________________________________...

Himeko Sutori catch up continued!

6 avg live viewers (9 peak)Apr 08, 2021

Let's Play Himeko Sutori - Part 8 - Crossbows Hurt!

140 views Apr 08, 2021
It's time to face Bellamy and it turns out, crossbows really hurt. Things get a bit dicey... _____________________________________________________________ Let's Play Himeko Sutori! It's finally ...

Taking to the High Seas in Sea Of Thieves!

8 avg live viewers (12 peak)Apr 06, 2021

Let's Play Phoenix Point: Year One Edition - Part 17 - The Retreat!

190 views Apr 06, 2021
We head on over to the Symes Retreat and we're met with a whole bunch of friends from the get go. Unfortunately, mistakes are made, but will it cost us? ___________________________________________...

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