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Let's Play The Division 2: Warlords Of New York - Part 15 - Retirement Watch Of DOOM!

2 views Jan 24, 2021
This does not go well, it takes a bit of trial, error, and luck. However, in the end, we eventually "retire" who we thought was the "big bad" only to find out there was a twist we didn't see comin...

Let's Play Ys VIII Lacrimosa Of DANA - Part 21 - Wolf Pack Attack!

16 views Jan 24, 2021
We do some quick run through stuff after some questionable falling to our near deaths. Then it's time for a not boss boss fight. It's weird, but fine. ____________________________________________...

Let's Play Phoenix Point: Year One Edition - Part 13 - Another Nest!

136 views Jan 24, 2021
Time to take the crew on another trip to the enemy nest, only this time in HD. Okay, it's always in HD, but still, it's more taking down enemy strongholds, it's still cool, right? ________________...

Let's Play Heroes Of Might & Magic V - Part 81 - Not A Great Start!

105 views Jan 24, 2021
So, the dungeon campaign starts off a bit weird. I feel incredibly underpowered and behind. I'm not sure how this battle is going to go when our time runs out. Looks like probably bad, judging b...

Let's Play Ys VIII Lacrimosa Of DANA - Part 20 - There Are SOOO Many!

50 views Jan 23, 2021
Sometimes you want to jump through and speed on by treacherous terrain to fight stuff. Normally, that's not so bad, but sometimes you end up with a massive horde of enemies and little room to figh...

Let's Play The Legend Of Heroes Trails Of Cold Steel - Part 48 - Bad Bullying!

95 views Jan 22, 2021
It's time to run around and complete the task for my "day off" and this time it's a weird one. I must find who some noble's secret admirer is. Turns out very interestingly. Heh. They need to st...

Let's Play Dead By Daylight - Custom Games - Part 15 - My One Weakness Buildings!

43 views Jan 22, 2021
We utilize Mutanat's one weakness! Losing him in a building more than once and making him struggle. He keeps trying however and he has improved a lot! :D ________________________________________...

Let's Play Ys VIII Lacrimosa Of DANA - Part 19 - New Merchant Girl!

54 views Jan 22, 2021
We continue with our exploration after having saved the village from the raiders. Another boss fight and another person joins our town. :) ________________________________________________________...

Let's Play AI War 2 - Part 5 - I Hack Too Much!

88 views Jan 22, 2021
I've found a new love of hacking and increasing my power over much expansion. However, while that works, it does mean you run out of hacking points. There are a few things you can hit to gain hac...

Dragonball FighterZ and discussion with Cupogoodness!

4 avg live viewers (5 peak)Jan 21, 2021

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