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I've been at this for over 7.5 years now & I throw content at your face every day. I play a wide variety of games, from strategy, to rpg, to action, to adventure, to roguelike, to rts, fps, tps, & all the "ps's"! From Indie to Triple A & all things in between. I cover 4 current gen systems too - PC - PS4 - PS5 - Switch. I do tons of New Releases, some long running series, & even retro gamin...

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Let's Play Ys VIII Lacrimosa Of DANA - Part 102 - Looks Like It's Clean Up Time!

64 views Sep 18, 2021
It seems like the final mission is before us, yet we still have a bit of cleaning up to do before I am ready to see the end of this. It was an incredibly enjoyable experience (mostly) playing the ...

Let's Play Disciples 3 Reincarnation - Part - 71 - Did You Smiss Me?!

281 views Sep 18, 2021
It's been a long while, but I'm back and I have really been wanting to return to this for years. With a new Disciples on the way, I am eager to get back into the franchise. (I even fired up 1 and...

Let's Play Rise Eterna - (Switch) - Part 12 - Rose Is A Vampire!

80 views Sep 18, 2021
I've decided, based on all the knowledge we have gained so far, Rose is clearly just a Vampire. I wonder what the other "sisters" are then. Maybe a Zombie, a ghost, and a penguin? Hmm, one of th...

Let's Play Himeko Sutori - Part 16 - The Proper Return!

76 views Sep 18, 2021
Finally, I've uploaded all the pre-recorded stuff and it's time to get back into things proper. :) My new schedule and uploading thing has been a wonderful injection of awesome for me. So, we co...

Let's Play City Of Gangsters - Part 3 - I Broke My Business!

99 views Sep 17, 2021
As much as I don't want to admit it, I am getting a bit lost with some of the things. I need to play in larger chunks and I think things will become easier to figure out. So, if you see anything ...

Let's Play Dark Deity - Part 10 - To The Rescue!

72 views Sep 17, 2021
I've missed playing this, I get to record more soon! :D I split this episode into 2 as well, so fun times. We have to save some guy who seems to have talked himself into a tough situation. Afte...

Let's Play Heroes Of Might & Magic V - Part 96 - No One Said This Would Be Easy!

195 views Sep 17, 2021
Well, this got interesting and dangerous. Looks like we'll be trying to do A LOT with a little. Heh. Let's hope it works out okay! I'm worried. _________________________________________________...

Let's Play Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon And The Blade Of Light - Part 21 - Weaponless Extra Units!

22 views Sep 17, 2021
Yay....we get to rescue some weaponless losers and potentially put ourselves into bad positions. Thankfully, we keep everyone alive and are prepared for the next push. ____________________________...

Let's Play Ys VIII Lacrimosa Of DANA - Part 101 - The Truth About Sarai!

50 views Sep 16, 2021
We manage to get through the rest of the fishing and feed our bird. Then we take down Sarai's Psyche and we learn the truth about her. _____________________________________________________________...

First Look - Lake - Small Town Peace!

68 views Sep 16, 2021
*Note* This is a game that Indie Bros handled the PR for. I am never obligated to cover ANY of the games we work on, I do so of my own desire to play and showcase them. :) Also, I had no direct...

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