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I've been at this for over 7.5 years now & I throw content at your face every day. I play a wide variety of games, from strategy, to rpg, to action, to adventure, to roguelike, to rts, fps, tps, & all the "ps's"! From Indie to Triple A & all things in between. I cover 4 current gen systems too - PC - PS4 - PS5 - Switch. I do tons of New Releases, some long running series, & even retro gamin...

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Let's Play Actraiser Renaissance - Part 1 - The Lord Of Light!

352 views Oct 17, 2021
A big thank you to Square Enix for providing a code! :) Let's Play Actraiser Renaissance! I remember the original Actraiser back from the days of the SNES. I either played it briefly, or only s...

Let's Play The Riftbreaker - Part 1 - So Hyped!

389 views Oct 15, 2021
Let's Play The Riftbreaker! Been eyeing this game for a LONG time and it's finally time to dive in. I really enjoyed X-Morph: Defense, so, of course, I am eager to dive into their next project. ...

Let's Play Circuit Superstars - Part 1 - It's Been Over 2 Decades!

634 views Oct 14, 2021
*Big Thanks To Square Enix for providing me with a code for Circuit Superstars! Let's Play Circuit Superstars! It has been quite a long time, definitely over 20 years, since I have last played a ...

Let's Play Gladiator Guild Manager - (Early Access) - Part 1 - A Long Way!

1836 views Oct 14, 2021
Let's Play Gladiator Guild Manager! I am so excited to get my hands on this again after enjoying the Prologue! It's time to see exactly how far they've come and what's new. I REALLY like this ga...

Let's Play Ys VIII Lacrimosa Of DANA - Part 108 - What A Journey!

99 views Oct 14, 2021
Super long episode to end out the series. I had a blast with this and I know it wasn't a series everyone loved, but it was an incredible game. Good and sad times. Enjoy the epic end. ___________...

Let's Play Far Cry 6 - Part 2 - Guapo!

98 views Oct 12, 2021
Let's just acknowledge that Guapo is great. That maybe a few choices I made weren't all that smart, but in the end, it's all fine. :D _____________________________________________________________...

Final Fantasy Pixel Remastering It Up!

5 avg live viewers (10 peak)Oct 10, 2021

Let's Play Phoenix Point: Behemoth Edition - (PS4) - Part 5 - They Brought Guns To A Gun Fight!

494 views Oct 09, 2021
Time to go help out Synedrion with a problem and get them to like us. :) On a timer for this episode, but we manage everything we needed to. In unrelated news, for the record, I beat the main ca...

Let's Play Soul Nomad & The World Eaters - Prinny Presents - Part 7 - A New Room!

195 views Oct 07, 2021
I decide to try changing rooms while my two rooms are locked and it spawned a new room. Looks like we get a new group to play with! _____________________________________________________________ L...

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