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BO2 Trickshotting on bots Ep 1

35 views Apr 20, 2017
welcome to my new series

CMC - The End

166 views Feb 24, 2017
I uploaded this to mine and my mates joint channel but I wanted it on here to Follow our social media our twitter https://twitter.com/Burny_CMC instagram https://www.instagram.com/mc_burny_and_Mc_...

Update about new things and future of my channel

96 views Feb 22, 2017
Hey guys I have a joint YouTube with my friend now and I will add all the links later I promise guys love you all

CMC - Off top Freestyle

86 views Feb 19, 2017
This is 100% Off the top i think i may have messed up once Follow me on Twitter https://Twitter.com/CMCRaps

CMC - The Story Of Who I Am

246 views Jan 30, 2017
This is the original song I'm the artist on this track and this just may well be the start of my channel moving more toward music than gaming !!! Feedback is massively appreciated and as always lov...

! IW Zombie madness

31 views Jan 22, 2017
hi I'm Callum and I love to make videos of games and stuffles with my friends haha and just have a genuinely funny time so come watch you may be surprised with what you see well thats all I have to...


22 views Jan 13, 2017
Description here.

random ghosts gameplay sound cut off

23 views Dec 09, 2016
Follow me on twitter https://www.twitter.com/MKG_Crookey

modded trickshot fun ft mkg reflex

54 views Dec 01, 2016
i know the vids really long my editing software not working atm and wanna keep the consistancy up so watch as much as you want to its funny at times Follow my twitter https://www.twitter.com/MKG_C...


108 views Nov 30, 2016
shots had mods used but only freezing bots in place and save and load to get to spots quicker i do them in ffa and snd with bots because its better as you get a killcam immediately where as on ctf ...

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