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🦇 I'm an Australian in a top hat with a curly moustache who plays video games. Making a video a day forever unless I die.

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Taxi Hearse (Hero Express)

19 views • Jul 15, 2019
Driving a taxi hearse through the graveyards of Transylvania trying to reach a vampire bat... Probably Dracula, But I don't have much fuel and I need to upgrade my tires also, there are all these z...

Spceship! (Shortest Trip to Earth)

22 views • Jul 14, 2019
🦇Warp Drive🦇 #ShortestTripToEarth https://youtu.be/Q_p9V73eVpY Get the game here: http://bit.ly/2xIUsBo Managing our spaceship and the modules Flying through space with our warp drive salvaging w...

The Forgotten Crown (Legends Of Amberland)

30 views • Jul 13, 2019
🦇Bridge Troll🦇 #LegendsOfAmberland https://youtu.be/8BGPSy6gWo4 We are a big group of adventurers In this turned based Rpg, Some warriors, some mages, some clerics, and our land has been over-ru...

Claymation (Armikrog)

31 views • Jul 12, 2019
🦇Tommynaut🦇 #Armikrog https://youtu.be/H5ySI5n7zB0 stop motion clay animated point and click adventure game looks a little like earthworm jim. space explorer Tommynaut and his blind alien talkin...

Poison Bacon (Defend The Keep)

42 views • Jul 11, 2019
🦇Pigmen🦇 #defendthekeep https://youtu.be/CnQLZbmFQgc We're defending our tower with the use of fireballs lightning and poison gas... but mainly poison gas. we also built smashy hammers and some ...

Access Hacking (Boiling Steel)

43 views • Jul 10, 2019
We're learning how to use our robotic body, all of its hacking features and dashing features and fighting features, to prepare us for the incoming onslaught of robots gone mad who will try to disma...

Blind (Desperate Game)

41 views • Jul 09, 2019
🦇Hunt🦇 #DesperateGame https://youtu.be/mJ8vz6Ux9Hg They said if we win the game, our eyesight will be restored. we can believe them, since they will restore it for the game... but the game is t...

Rain (Please Find Me)

33 views • Jul 08, 2019
🦇Forrest🦇 #please_find_me https://youtu.be/05NoDp9OxTc It's raining out and there are spooky things, we don't want our socks to get wet! Quick! Hide our bags in a cave! before the tree eats us! ...

Slasher (Sleepover) w/ JarthGames

34 views • Jul 07, 2019
Today I'm playing a home invasion game with the developer of said game. rapid fire rounds homeowner or slasher, kill the homeowner or steal all of their pineapples... escape the slasher or sneak up...

Demon Hunters (Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey)

40 views • Jul 06, 2019
We're investigating murders that seem supernatural, which is no surprise, considering one of the main characters is a talking dog... sniffing for evidence and talking to horses for eyewitness accou...

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