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🦇 I'm an Australian in a top hat with a curly moustache who plays video games. Making a video a day forever unless I die.

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Girl Overload (Lilycle Rainbow Stage)

10 views • May 21, 2019
Lots and lots of girls have all gone out on a picnic together It seems like they are all gearing up for some sort of talent show? Either way, we get to hear all their bickering as they enjoy their ...

Colonization (Surviving Mars)

16 views • May 20, 2019
🦇Colonisation🦇 #survivingmars https://youtu.be/bawM4WdqeXQ Our rocket has touched down on the dusty red planet and immediately we get our little robots off to work, setting up base constructing b...

Asteroid Mining (Technosphere Reload)

23 views • May 19, 2019
🦇Meltdown imminent🦇 #TechnoSphere https://youtu.be/mjzCCg2rOXI 15% discount in the first week of sale! http://bit.ly/2VZJAg9 Rolling balls around the inside of a mining facility... Inside an as...

Samples (Infected Shelter)

25 views • May 18, 2019
Zombie apocalypse beat em up with rest up camps - lots of upgradeable features different characters and outfits plenty of weapons - or at least, things you can use as weapons... like other zombi...

Cute Blocks (Cubicity: Slide Puzzle)

27 views • May 17, 2019
Slide puzzles with cute little boxxy animals. Why do they need to be moved to their endpoints? who knows! Why can they only move in straight lines? Shush you! It's a game! 🦇Greetings!🦇 Batprince...

Waifu TD (Gensokyo Defenders)

29 views • May 16, 2019
🦇Magic Practice🦇 #GensokyoDefenders https://youtu.be/Y47CCtA8I54 Bunch of anime girls playing tower defence games with magic powers setting up barriers shooting hordes of waifu as they try to ap...

Space Bats (Stardust Vr)

20 views • May 15, 2019
Putting on the VR growing little eggs to feed to flowers? they hatch dragons and and and cute bats! to go fight the... other... dragon? and we can shoot our guns at things sent to us. 🦇Greetings!...

A Little Fairy’s Tale (Koropokkur in Love)

27 views • May 14, 2019
🦇Little People Village🦇 #Koropokkur https://youtu.be/KYJGev1bNkM One brave little fairy has decided to leave her home of the little people village to see the world of the larger folk - she disgu...

Slimes (Gunkid 99)

22 views • May 13, 2019
🦇Bouncy🦇 #Gunkid99 https://youtu.be/Qjicz2CcjO4 Collecting all the guns to keep all the monsters at bay... Shoot those slimes! before they devour you and your new gun hoard. they just keep comi...

Planetary Guardians (Armoured Evolution)

27 views • May 12, 2019
We're taking our little robot tank into battle! Fighting against other robot tanks using power-ups and bombs and bullets to steal dominion over little planets 🦇Greetings!🦇 Batprince here! Thank...

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