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🦇 I'm an Australian in a top hat with a curly moustache who plays video games. Making a video a day forever unless I die.

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Where am I? (Invisigun Reloaded)

40 views Sep 15, 2019
It's like a multiplayer brawler but you can't see your opponent... or yourself for that matter... unless you do something, like, use an ability. It's basically hide and seek with guns - Although yo...

Critter Kart (RenzoRacer)

32 views Sep 15, 2019
Get the game here: http://bit.ly/2NISlXk Re-visiting some Renzo Racer cute little animals thinking they're people driving cars... Last time we played multiplayer, We're going single player this tim...

Boxes (Ativeil)

32 views Sep 14, 2019
We have boxes! We have Puzzles! We have orb thingies to collect! We have many, many rooms... But hey, no pressure. We can just walk around and explore if that's what you want. There is no endgame h...

Puzzle In Disguise (Agent A)

27 views Sep 13, 2019
Pressing all of the secret buttons, finding keys, sorting out puzzles - all to try and catch evil villains. who want to steal... y'know... valuable things. But ultimately, we just like solving pu...

Noir (Dry Drowning)

31 views Sep 12, 2019
Part visual novel, part investigation - clues to find, puzzles to solve... Set in a grim future-noir dark and dirty, Our protagonist sent the wrong person to ol' sparky and is taking a new case t...

Guns (The American Dream)

26 views Sep 11, 2019
VR where we get to see the perfect life for an American citizen, being able to use your personal handgun for all jobs around the house. Shooting things open, shooting the dinner so it's cooked, Pla...

Ghosts (Genetic Disaster)

31 views Sep 10, 2019
Twin stick shooting very cool character design but we die easily... and a lot... but it's ok, we just turn into little ghosts until we both die... then we can get different guns! shoot some boxes,...

Derp Ship (Dodge Rocket)

44 views Sep 10, 2019
We're playing as a literal rocket, that can shoot rockets! We're doing the 'hi-score' thing last as long as we can in our googly-eyed derp ship, avoiding all the rocks and flying saucers that want...

Zombie Cards (Dead Exit)

39 views Sep 09, 2019
Zombies! It's a zombie survival! That means resource gathering, and management, Team building maybe? and some town exploring BUT It's a card game! We're playing against the deck... Damn zombies... ...

Xurkaan (30 Minutes To Extinction) w/GameBros

24 views Sep 08, 2019
We're shooting aliens, whilst heading up hills, to fight the big boss aliens and disable the portals... you know, save earth and all that... disable the alien tech and stop the mass violent immigra...

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