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Indie Game Review: Star Renegades - Time to Save the Universe...Again

56 views Jan 14, 2021
#RPG #Action #Adventure Rating: Must Buy! Summary: a turn-based, roguelike, sci-fi experience where your goal is to liberate planets and eventually take the battle to an enemy mothership. You de...

PROTOCORE Alpha Gameplay 40min Demo - No commentary -

47 views Dec 29, 2020
This is in alpha gameplay footage! Summary: Shoot your way through a gigantic spaceship full of deadly robots and face an Artificial Intelligence that is learning from your actions.

Indie Game Review: Zero Strain - Space, Neon, and Super colorful!

9 views Dec 28, 2020
#Shooter #Neon #Topdown Summary: Zero Strain is a fast-paced shooter set in a series of top-down arenas, where strategic use of offense and defense are critical to surviving each challenge. MOBA...

Indie Game Review: Terror Squid ...There is no hope only Terror Squid!

15 views Dec 28, 2020
#Bullethell #TerrorSquid #PC A bullet hell with a sinister twist. Think fast and strategically as you weave through a bullet hell of your own making. Easy to learn and hard to master, TERROR SQUI...

1 min Game Review: Paradox Soul

11 views Dec 26, 2020
#Retro #PixelArt #Metroidvania So I am a bit 50/50 about this game, I do like the style and the pixel art for it but the action ... you lose interest so quickly. I will give it a benefit of a dou...

Indie Game Review: Volta X - DO YOU DIG GIANT ROBOTS!!

45 views Dec 18, 2020
#RTS #IndieGame #RPG Summary: Command your crew to pilot the giant robot of your dreams in epic RTS combat! Defeat fierce opponents in fast-paced and highly-strategic battles to advance in the s...

Mobile Game Beta Overview: NodeShifter - A very unique game!

16 views Dec 03, 2020
#Roguelite #Mobile #iOS #Gaming #Android - Android Beta - Summary: Nodeshifter is a modern, roguelike arcade game that pits you against an invading horde of Kryptorians in the single most deadly...

Mobile Game Review: Neon Hero: Cyberpunk Platform Shooter

25 views Nov 24, 2020
#Platformer #Android #Indie #MobileGame Available Now for Android: Google Playstore Link: https://bit.ly/3fsRXbq Overview: Neon Hero is a cyberpunk platform shooter with nice cyberpunk-inspire...

Indie Game Review: Smash Ball - Exploding Robot Sports Game!!

23 views Nov 20, 2020
#Smashball #IndieGame #Gaming A fast-paced, hard-hitting competitive sport where you claim victory by any means necessary. In 1v1 or 2v2 matches, attempt to outscore your opponent or utilize a weap...

Indie Game Review: Devader - One Robot Against Everything!!

27 views Nov 07, 2020
Story: The Krin, a mysterious species of all-devouring aliens has launched a merciless invasion. Defend the last remnants of an ancient civilization against unrelenting waves of malignant Krin. Yo...

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