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Playing Some|: Wonder Boy Asha in Monster World (Nintendo Switch)

25 views Jun 28, 2021
#WonderBoy #AshaInMonsterWorld #Sega Aaron plays some Wonder Boy Asha in Monster World and shows just how little he knows about Monster World IV. Full Disclosure: This game or prototype was provi...

Playing Some|: Railroad Ink Challenge (Steam/PC)

77 views Jun 25, 2021
#RailroadInkChallenges #Steam #HorribleGuild Aaron plays some Railroad Ink Challenges on Steam to some degree of success. Genre/Mechanisms: digital roll & write Designer(s)/Developer(s): Horrible...

Playing Some|: Mighty Goose (Nintendo Switch)

9 views Jun 25, 2021
#MightyGoose #NintendoSwitch #Playism Aaron plays some of Mighty Goose on the Nintendo Switch and gets his goosed cooked. He'd do it again too. Genre/Mechanisms: run and gun, 2D platformer, actio...

Playing Some|: Operation Tango w/ Aaron and Tiny

14 views Jun 21, 2021
#OperationTango # Aaron and Tiny play some of the asymmetrical spy game Operation Tango on PC. http://www.operation-tango.com/ Watch Tiny at Twitch.tv/Tiny415 Full Disclosure: This game or protot...

Alien Petshop Preview

84 views Jun 15, 2021
#boardgames #AlienPetshop #OgreCrossingGames Aaron previews Alien Petshop from Gregory Grimsby and Ogre Crossing Games. Alien Petshop on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/alienpe...

Pirate's Mark Review

32 views Jun 14, 2021
#boardgames #PiratesMark #PuzzolCreative Aaron reviews the party game Pirate's Mark from Puzzol Creative designed by Keith Edwards, Stephen Lynch with art from Keaton Philips. 00:00 Intro 01:11 C...

Lonely Undead Preview | Solo Playthrough

43 views Jun 10, 2021
#boardgames #DeadLemonGames #LonelyUndead Aaron shambles his way through a fun solo playthrough of the Lonely Undead, a zombie friendship game, from Shelby Matussak and Dead Lemon Games. Lonely ...

Book of Villainy Preview

95 views Jun 06, 2021
#boardgames #BookofVillainy #GoldSealGames Aaron previews Book of Villainy - a set collection, rondel movement game about a handful of B-list villains who trade consistent failure for a chance to ...

Jackpot Payout Preview | solo playthrough

68 views Jun 05, 2021
#JackpotPayout #boardgames #PuzzlingPixelGames Aaron previews the slot machine themed deck-builder, Jackpot Payout from Chip Beauvais and Puzzling Pixel Games with art from Michael T. Schroeder. ...

Farts and Fairies Preview

23 views Jun 03, 2021
#boardgames #FartsandFairies #DanMatthews Aaron previews the flatulent-focused card game Farts and Fairies from Dan Matthews. Farts and Fairies on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/project...

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