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Book of Villainy Preview

26 views Jun 01, 2021
#boardgames #BookofVillainy #GoldSealGames Aaron previews Book of Villainy - a set collection, rondel movement game about a handful of B-list villains who trade consistent failure for a chance to ...

Mechanical Beast Preview & Solo Playthrough

984 views Jun 01, 2021
#boardgames #MechanicalBeast #SideroomGames Aaron previews and plays through the 1-4 player, coop or competitive tile placement puzzle maze game Mechanical Beast from Ben Morayta with art from Apo...

Scribbletown (orignal design) Playthrough

12 views May 21, 2021
#boardgames #Scribbletown #DesultoryGames Aaron, Amanda(@Panda8ngel), Luna(@AspieGamerGirl) and John(@Bookofnerds) play the original version of the town-building roll and write Scribbletown from D...

How Plitch Works (How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love cheating in single player PC games)

750 views May 20, 2021
#Plitch #PCGaming #Cheating Plitch is a single player game cheating application for the PC. Think Game Genie/Game Shark/Action Repl....you get the idea. Full Disclosure: I was provided with a pre...

Paperback Adventures Playthrough with lead designer Skye Larsen

427 views May 20, 2021
#boardgames #PaperbackAdventures #FowersGames Aaron plays Paperback Adventures with some help from its lead designer, Skye Larsen. Paperback Adventures is rogue-like deckbuilding card game in the ...

Earth Rising Kickstarter Preview

71 views Apr 28, 2021
#boardgames #EarthRising #StopDropandRoll Aaron previews the planet and people saving coop game Earth Rising from Stop, Drop & Roll. Earth Rising was designed by Laurie Blake with art from Rob Ing...

Bittersweet In-depth Kickstarter (P)review

99 views Apr 27, 2021
#boardgames #CooGames #Bittersweet Aaron previews the cocoa bean concoction collecting game Bittersweet from Coo' Games. Bittersweet was designed by Matthew Hocker with art from Olivia Raum and As...

Quests & Cannons: The Risen Islands | In-depth Preview

98 views Apr 23, 2021
#boardgames #Quests&Cannons #ShortHopGames Aaron previews the action points, hand management, pick-up and deliver game - Quests & Cannons:The Risen Islands - from Short Hop Games. Quests & Cannons...

Playing Some | Fleet the Dice Game with @Panda8ngel @BoardGamerPinup and @BookofNerds

32 views Apr 16, 2021
#RollandWrite #MotorCityGameworks #FleetDice Aaron plays some Fleet the Dice Game with Amanda (@Panda8ngel), Mandi (@boardgamerpinup) and John (@bookofnerds). Fleet the Dice Game is a roll and wri...

Cloud Control Review | A Shape Building Party Game

36 views Apr 06, 2021
#boardgames #CloudControl #25thCenturyGames Aaron reviews the head in the clouds party game Cloud Control from 25th Century Games and designed by Eugene Bryant. 00:00 Intro 00:39 Components and ...

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