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The Grateful Gamer Ep 4: Difficulty Options in Video Games

5 views Feb 22, 2021
Difficulty options in video games are usually meaningless. - gaming journalism can be boring - the transition from Twitch streaming to podcast - skip to 12:40 to get past off topic ramblings Game...

Speed Limit Gameplay & Impressions As A Casual Player

7 views Feb 16, 2021
Speed Limit is a retro styled game that seems to me as more intended for the hardcore leaderboard high scorers but I still can't help but enjoy my time with it. Gameplay by a casual player includi...

The Grateful Gamer Ep 3: Teamwork in Multiplayer Games & Controller vs KB/M

6 views Feb 15, 2021
Starts with what got me into discussing this topic. Followed by a rant about bad teammates in Rocket League turning into general thoughts on multiplayer games as well as transitioning from controll...

The Grateful Gamer Ep 2: Remake vs Remaster, Sequels, Poor Pacing & More

9 views Feb 09, 2021
Remake vs Remaster, thoughts on sequels, multiple endings, poor pacing in games, pointless cinematics, clickbait headlines and reading comments. The second I finished recording this podcast I looke...

Ender's Game: Why You Should Read it

6 views Feb 08, 2021
A review of Ender's Game that I forgot I wrote in 2013 https://germaximusreality.blogspot.com/2013/05/enders-game-why-you-should-read-it.htm

Ep 4: Bacon, Foster Care & Face Blindness

10 views Feb 08, 2021
Cooking habits, fancy restaurants vs normal ones, brief discussion about handling monthly bills, and the main event: our brother's death and how we ended up in foster care. Also included in-betwe...

The Grateful Gamer Ep 1: Blowing Things Out of Proportion

19 views Feb 02, 2021
Launch day issues, boring story dialogue, microtransactions, losing respect for well known sources and content creators, multiplayer uniqueness and thoughts in-between.

The Poor Reichs Ep 3: Origin of Podcast Name, Childhood Trauma & more

12 views Feb 01, 2021
In this podcast we discuss the origin of our podcast name, first time we got a tv, mom lived in a bedroom, the pronunciation of our last name, our different approach to friendship, answering "how a...

The Poor Reichs Episode 2: Depression, Drugs & Politics

20 views Jan 25, 2021
This podcast was started because while me and my sister live together, we don't actually spend a lot of time together. So, based on requests from friends to make my own podcast, I asked my sister i...

The Poor Reichs Episode 1: Inherited Kleptomania, Poverty, Fat Suits in TV & more

31 views Jan 15, 2021
Me and my sister discuss our family being thieves, general family history stuff, and tv with fat suit (unplanned). We're still figuring out what we'd wanna call our podcast and episodes as well as...

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