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Music Theory Minute | What is Music Theory? | #Shorts

62 views Mar 15, 2021
Describing how I view Music Theory and what it's uses are when analyzing music. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/lowkeylancer Discord: https://discord.gg/x3A7DPM Twitter: https://twitter.com/Lowke...

Music Theory Minute | Arrangements | Final Fantasy IV | #Shorts

460 views Mar 13, 2021
Composer: Nobuo Uematsu Quick music theory short highlighting how composers can rearrange a theme to give it a totally different feeling and meaning for a moment in a game. Using "The Red Wings" ...

Music Theory Minute | Pentatonic Scales | Pokemon Red/Blue | #Shorts

459 views Mar 06, 2021
Lavender Town Theme Composer: Junichi Masuda Quick music theory short highlighting pentatonic scales and their various modes, including my personal favorite, the Hirajoshi Scale. Patreon: https:/...

Music Theory Minute | Leitmotifs & Video Games | Final Fantasy VII Remake | #Shorts

193 views Mar 02, 2021
WARNING: Potential Spoilers for FF7 Remake. Clips however are short and unlikely to spoil much. Watch at your own discretion. Songs: Midgar, City of Mako Composer: Nobuo Uematsu Arranged By: Shot...

Tension Around the Firelight - Darkest Dungeon Music Analysis - A Brief Respite (Camp Theme)

34 views Feb 17, 2021
Game: Darkest Dungeon Composer: Stuart Chatwood Get the Darkest Dungeon Soundtrack: https://stuartchatwood.bandcamp.com/album/darkest-dungeon-original-video-game-soundtrack-deluxe-edition Darkest...

Motifs in the Garden - Final Fantasy VIII Music Analysis

49 views Jan 12, 2021
Game: Final Fantasy VIII Composer: Nobuo Uematsu The music of Balamb Garden provides plenty of nostalgia for the players of Final Fantasy VIII, but is everything as it seems in this short theme? I...

Definitely not addicted...nope...not at all

4 avg live viewers (6 peak)Jan 08, 2021

New Schedule | New Year, Same Family Issues

6 avg live viewers (10 peak)Jan 01, 2021

Finishing 2020 by Trying to Escape Hell

4 avg live viewers (5 peak)Dec 31, 2020

First Play | Pathway!

5 avg live viewers (7 peak)Dec 28, 2020

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