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Occupy White Walls (2018) - Appreciation of the Art in all its form

1 views May 07, 2021
I'll tell you something: I love art but I don't get it sometimes. An artist can make a masterpiece from things I was doing in elementary school, with the lines and the shapes. This game brings a ne...

Climbing the Apex tonight

6 avg live viewers (15 peak)May 06, 2021

Golfing with Frillz, Then Scaveging with Skizm and Frillz.

9 avg live viewers (20 peak)May 04, 2021

Wayward (2021) - 2D Castaway Survival

26 views May 03, 2021
Game: Wayward Developer: Unlok Price: 7.99 Wayward puts you in the shoes of a confused seafarer, lost and lacking of memory. The only thing on the mind? Treasure. From this point on, you must work...

Sundays. Indies. Pew after

9 avg live viewers (14 peak)May 03, 2021

Learning how to do Mythic Pluses. NEW TO THIS! Paly Tank Bank.

8 avg live viewers (25 peak)May 02, 2021

Napped so hard, my eyes can't recover!

5 avg live viewers (8 peak)May 01, 2021

Scavengers - Frigid cold, survival BR with a twist ending

1 views Apr 30, 2021
I've always felt some type of way about only having one victor at the end of BR games. Yes, one man takes all is nice in comparison but what about the teams that just get screwed near the end? In ...

No plan right. Let's wing thing!

7 avg live viewers (10 peak)Apr 30, 2021

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