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talkin about bugsnax 👀🍓

13 avg live viewers (20 peak)Dec 02, 2020

talkin about bugsnax 👀🍓

15 avg live viewers (20 peak)Nov 29, 2020

👽 stream of the chosen 👽 recruiting from stream chat!

13 avg live viewers (19 peak)Nov 18, 2020

Part 2 ~ Bugsnax 👀🍓

42 views Nov 18, 2020
I'm really in love with Bugsnax's mix of incredibly cute style and design, and the kinda intense interpersonal drama we're getting wrapped up in? We're getting absorbed in a MYSTERY. ♥ join us l...

talkin about bugsnax 👀🍓

12 avg live viewers (20 peak)Nov 15, 2020

5. The Good End | Undertale

54 views Nov 15, 2020
Bring it in, guys! I'm sorry that this video is extra long, but we had to go see all of our friends before we left! I hope you understand. ♥ join us live on http://twitch.tv/pipopixie at 9pm UK ...

4. The Barrier | Undertale

27 views Nov 15, 2020
I really wasn't expecting to get hit as hard as I was by so many things in this part of the game. New Home, especially. Undertale is still really good, I think ♥ join us live on http://twitch.tv...

3. Hotland and the Core | Undertale

43 views Nov 15, 2020
Meanwhile, in 2020, I'm going to be making a Mettaton fancam. You understand, of course. He's just got such star quality! ♥ join us live on http://twitch.tv/pipopixie at 9pm UK // 4pm US East // ...

2. Waterfall | Undertale

62 views Nov 15, 2020
In 2020 Monster Kid would probably be making an Undyne fancam and I support them in that ♥ join us live on http://twitch.tv/pipopixie at 9pm UK // 4pm US East // 1pm US West Wednesday and Sunday...

1. Snowdin | Undertale

91 views Nov 15, 2020
Did you know it was Undertale's fifth anniversary just recently? Yen hadn't played through it yet, so I thought this was the perfect chance to share it with her! ♥ join us live on http://twitch....

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