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2021 UPCOMING 4X, RTS & TURN-BASED STRATEGY GAMES (Medieval, Space & Speculation)

1547 views Jan 12, 2021
Continuing our series on 2021 strategy games, today we'll be looking into the 4X, RTS and Turn-Based subgenres and there are some GREAT ones coming up. Let me know in the comments below what you th...

2021 UPCOMING CITY-BUILDING STRATEGY GAMES (Ancient, Modern & Fantasy Strategy Games)

1157 views Jan 05, 2021
2021 is already shaping up to be one heck of a year in the strategy world. That being said, city builders are a subgenre I have very big passion towards, and why it's the first ones I'm covering in...

2020 In Review - Havoc's End of Year Ramble - 2021 Going Forward

355 views Jan 01, 2021
This video demonstrates why I need to have a script :P But seriously, it was one heck of a weird year for us all, and in this video I go over some stats from both YouTube and Twitch, the good and t...

Humankind's Lucy OpenDev | A Critique to the Devs | Constructive Criticism Encouraged

743 views Dec 30, 2020
Welcome back to a continuing series called A Critique to the Devs, this time with Humankind's Lucy OpenDev. In this series I take a build I've played of a game and solely focus on the critiques tha...

Counter-Charge FTW | Ultimate General: Civil War - J&P Rebalance Mod #shorts

632 views Dec 29, 2020
Time it just right, and you can nab yourself a heck of a lot of prisoners in the J&P Rebalance Mod for Ultimate General: Civil War -----------------------------------------------------------------...

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