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4 Ways to Improve The Game | Total War: Three Kingdoms - Personal Opinion

1677 views Jan 30, 2020
Total War: Three Kingdoms has some major issues with replayability. Instead of focusing on what went wrong, today I'll be looking into different ways that Three Kingdoms can improve to retain its p...

Checking out Foundation!

1 avg live viewers (2 peak)Jan 28, 2020

I am n00b I die lots

2 avg live viewers (3 peak)Jan 22, 2020

The Last Autumn DLC Review | Frostpunk

3387 views Jan 20, 2020
The Last Autumn DLC is a prequel to Frostpunk, where you're job isn't keeping people from freezing to death, but building the very generators you use in the main game. New buildings, mechanics, law...

The Mandate of Heaven DLC Review | Total War: Three Kingdoms

5832 views Jan 15, 2020
Today we'll be taking a look at the latest Total War: Three Kingdoms DLC, The Mandate of Heaven. Taking place just a handful of year before the main game, this DLC brings with it new faces and some...

The Yellow Turban Rebellion | DOCUMENTARY

2215 views Jan 06, 2020
It's 184AD - A devastating flood that causes mass famine. An Imperial court paralyzed by corruption and deceit. With no one willing to help the people, the Emperor has clearly lost the Mandate of H...

Battle At Ji Province | Mandate of Heaven DLC Cinematic Battle | Total War: Three Kingdoms

15369 views Dec 20, 2019
The year is 184 AD, and Lu Zhi marches deep into the heart of the Yellow Turban Rebellion, towards its capital in the Ji Province. It's here that he meets the rebellion's leader Zhang Jue, fielding...

Mandate of Heaven DLC New Faction Units & Abilities | Total War: Three Kingdoms

6689 views Dec 17, 2019
Riding on the skirt tails of the new factions and their mechanics for the Mandate of Heaven DLC, we've got a LOT of new units coming to Total War: Three Kingdoms. From Imperial trained units to a...

Mandate of Heaven DLC | Trailer, Playable Factions, New Mechanics | Total War: Three Kingdoms

17815 views Dec 17, 2019
We are going back in a time (only a few years) to the very beginnings of the Yellow Turban Rebellion! With a host of new - and original but younger - factions to play as, there's a lot of new infor...

Lionheartx10's Snikch Campaign Intro | Shadow & The Blade DLC for Total War: Warhammer II

213 views Dec 09, 2019
Check out the Deathmaster Snikch Intro I created for Lionheart's campaign! Check out Lionheart's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIeaxRCoSLFLHvrCInghqcw----------------------------------...

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