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WE THE REVOLUTION | TRIAL OF THE KING | Beta Gameplay Ep 2 Mini Let's Play 2

430 views • Mar 18, 2019
Episode 2 of We. The Revolution as we take on the Trial of the King! We. The Revolution comes out March 21st! Steam Link: https://store.steampowered.com/app/736850/We_The_Revolution -------------...

WE. THE REVOLUTION | THE EASY DECISIONS | Beta Gameplay Ep. 1 Mini Let's Play

950 views • Mar 11, 2019
We. The Revolution puts in the shoes of a Revolutionary Tribunal Judge during the French Revolution. As a judge, you'll preside over complicated cases that are not so black and white, juggling betw...

Third Age: Divide & Conquer Mod | Lionheartx10 Dol Guldur Intro

444 views • Mar 11, 2019
Check out Lionheartx10's newest intro for the upcoming Dol Guldur campaign with the Third Age: Divide & Conquer Mod! I had a lot of fun figuring this one out. Lionheart's channel: https://www.you...

Empire: Total War Intro | Lionheartx10's USA Darthmod Campaign

442 views • Mar 10, 2019
Check out the Empire: Total War Intro I created for Lionheartx10's latest Let's Play campaign! Lionheart's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIeaxRCoSLFLHvrCInghqcw -----------------------...

Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail | Ultimate General Takes to the Sea!

924 views • Mar 08, 2019
There's finally a website up for Ultimate Admiral: Age of Sail! In this next installment by the creators of the Ultimate General Series, Game-Labs takes its development to the sea with a whole rang...

Ultimate General: Civil War MODDED CAMPAIGN | Battle of Washington DC | Ep 4 Finale Mini Let's Play

288 views • Mar 02, 2019
The last battle of the campaign has begun! Washington D.C. is heavily defended, but our superior numbers should be able to overwhelm the forts and win the day. I also didn't expect the battle to ...

Ultimate General: Civil War | MODDED CAMPAIGN - Battle of Gettysburg | Ep. 3 Mini Let's Play

371 views • Feb 23, 2019
We're finally into the Battle of Gettysburg! Getting close to the end of the campaign means we can pull through, finish strong, then come back to the mod on a higher difficulty! Here's the link to...

Three Kingdoms Delayed Again | New Release Date - May 23rd 2019

1022 views • Feb 14, 2019
Looks like Total War: Three Kingdoms is getting another delay, this time to May 23rd! Here's to hoping that 14 weeks of extra development will be enough to polish it up like they're wanting. Rele...

Ultimate General: Civil War | MODDED CAMPAIGN - Battle of Fredericksburg | Ep. 2 Mini Let's Play

454 views • Feb 14, 2019
We're into the Battle of Fredericksburg with a pretty dang big battle ahead! I've got a little mini rant at the beginning but then I get into it. Hope you enjoy the series! Here's the link to the ...

Lionheart's Aranessa Intro | Total War: WARHAMMER 2 - Curse of the Vampire Coast

265 views • Feb 13, 2019
Check out the intro I created for Lionheart's Total War: WARHAMMER 2 Campaign! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Email: [email protected] T...

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