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CORRUPTION | A Total War: Three Kingdoms Guide

8440 views • Jun 17, 2019
Today we are checking out corruption! While we don't get a specific breakdown on why our empires are at certain levels of corruption, there are several ways to fight it, so let's dig in and figure ...

Total War: Three Kingdoms OST (Total War: Three Kingdoms Soundtrack)

933 views • Jun 10, 2019
I present to you the Total War: Three Kingdoms Soundtrack. These tracks are in a random order, but I do have a track breakdown for you. All credit goes to CA and the team involved in making the so...

Total War: Three Kingdoms | Beta Update Details & How-To

11833 views • Jun 10, 2019
This video is for those that don't know about the beta that Total War has released. It addresses *some* of the community wide issues but not all. It's a start though. Blog Post - https://www.tota...

BUILDING SYNERGY | A Total War: Three Kingdoms Guide

33955 views • Jun 03, 2019
Hello and welcome to my Building Synergy Guide for Three Kingdoms. This is hands down one of the most requested video subjects, so I'm glad to finally get it to you all. In the video I'll go over...

CAO CAO FACTION SPOTLIGHT | Total War: Three Kingdoms

9755 views • May 30, 2019
Hello there everybody, today we are looking at Cao Cao to kick off our official faction spotlight series. Cao Cao has an easy start to his campaign and you'll quickly see why. I hope you enjoy th...

Curse of the Vampire Coast DLC REVIEW | Total War: WARHAMMER 2

0 avg live viewers (0 peak) • May 29, 2019

QUALITY OF LIFE GAME CHANGES | A Total War: Three Kingdoms Guide

23838 views • May 27, 2019
Welcome back to another Total War: Three Kingdoms Guide. Today we will be checking out several ways to enhance your Three Kingdoms experience through some quality of life changes. Use my custom p...

CAMPAIGN FIRST LOOK | Exclusive - Railroad Corporation

681 views • May 27, 2019
Hey there everyone back with some more exclusive Railroad Corporation content. This video will take a very brief look at one of my missions and dive into the meat of it all, I hope you enjoy it. ...

6 TIPS FOR YOUR PLAYTHROUGH | Exclusive Content - Railroad Corporation

658 views • May 27, 2019
Hello there all! Switching it up with some exclusive content today as I give you some tips on how to succeed in your Railroad Corporation empire! Interested in buying the game? Use the link to hel...

TIPS & TRICKS without the Meme | A Total War: Three Kingdoms Guide

6628 views • May 24, 2019
NOTE: This is the same video as before just without the "Would you like to know more." I will take that other video down in a few days perhaps. Hello there everyone and welcome back to another gu...

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