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got a text? o:

33 views Feb 26, 2021

The Hunt For Logistics (2012) Part 1 - The Introduction/Mission

78 views Feb 12, 2021
Movie website: https://logisticsartproject.com/ Abridged Version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYFG0xP12yE Letterboxd page: https://letterboxd.com/film/logistics/ Second Longest film that's not ...

Playing The Stupid Heels Game

246 views Feb 11, 2021
That one high heel game people keep getting ads for Twitter: @jab50yen

Stick Shift Killer

410 views Feb 04, 2021

TLT @ Funny Rave - Halloween 2 (Visuals by Jab50Yen and WnderlandReject)

1708 views Jan 19, 2021
Follow TLT: https://twitter.com/LivingTombstone Visuals by Jab: https://twitter.com/jab50yen Some 3D Models by WnderlandReject: https://twitter.com/WnderlandReject Ending 3D Model by Firethorn: htt...

SPACECORN or something idk

448 views Jan 18, 2021

THE QUARANTINE CRUNCH - Jab's Early Birthday Album Premiere

196 views Jan 15, 2021
DOWNLOAD AT: https://jab50yen.bandcamp.com/ DONATE AT: paypal.me/Jab50Yen or https://ko-fi.com/jabfiftyyen 2020 was a year a bunch of shows and events went virtual. During that time I've made 83 m...

No More Gross Green Filters - You, Me and Resi #1

92 views Jan 05, 2021
Alice and I have been recording our Resident Evil playthroughs so we decided to turn it into a series (hope enough people get the series title reference lol) Follow us: https://twitter.com/Wnderla...

worst anime scene ever

282 views Dec 30, 2020
eff you shironeko

eleanore fan cam

442 views Dec 19, 2020

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