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Campsite & Big Fish! - Animal Crossing New Horizons

907 views Apr 09, 2020
Welcome to my Animal Crossing New Horizons adventure! Today we are FISHING, FISHING, FISHING! We got our Animal Crossing New Horizons Campsite set up and the Able Sisters shop! CHECK OUT PEEWEE...

Infrasturcture & LEGENDARY FISH! - Animal Crossing New Horizons

302 views Apr 03, 2020
Welcome to my Animal Crossing New Horizons adventure! Wanted to make my island a bit better by working on the infrastructure! I find a legendary fish in Animal Crossing New Horizons and learn about...

Red Snappers And Visiting A Real Person's Island! - Animal Crossing New Horizons

390 views Apr 02, 2020
Week 1, Day 5 of my Animal Crossing New Horizons adventure! I show you guys my daily routine, I go hunt for Tarantula Island, and I visit another player's Island! It's been 10 months since I record...

I Should Explain

1987 views Mar 31, 2020
So I kinda left YouTube for 10 months... So let me explain why, and what the future holds for this channel. Thank you to all who helped the channel grow and who believed in me. Please stay safe. ...

Unboxing EVERY FALLOUT COLLECTOR'S EDITION! (Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, Fallout 4 and Fallout 76)

10022 views May 01, 2019
Fallout Collector's edition unboxing is super common, but unboxing EVERY Collector's Edition from Fallout all at once? That's new stuff! We will unbox the Fallout 3 Collectors edition, Fallout New ...


54591 views Apr 24, 2019
Welcome to Identity RPG! Identity RPG is a "Life" simulator and an open world MMO. I personally backed this game, and promises were broken. Is this game bad? Or does it have potential? Help transla...


3737 views Apr 18, 2019
After 7 painful and stressful weeks, I finally got my channel back, and I'm letting you all know what happened! Thank you to: Grandayy ► https://www.youtube.com/c/grandayy CaptainSauce ► https://ww...

The Walking Dead The Final Season - EVERYTHING ENDS - Episode 4 FINALE

748 views Mar 30, 2019
Telltale's The Walking Dead The Final Season! Everything comes to an end, after years of playing this is the very last episode. We will never forget you Clementine TWD Final Season Playlist ► https...

The Walking Dead The Final Season - KEEP MOVING FORWARD - Episode 4 - Part 2

499 views Mar 29, 2019
Telltale's The Walking Dead The Final Season! Tenn, AJ and Clementine escape the walkers and re-unite with a good friend. Clementine is faced with the most difficult choice she will ever have to ma...

The Walking Dead The Final Season - TAKE US BACK - Episode 4 - Part 1

401 views Mar 28, 2019
Telltale's The Walking Dead The Final Season! After the events in Episode 3, Clementine and AJ need to fight their way out of a dire situation, all they have is each other and they must fight tooth...

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