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First Impressions: Touch Type Tale (Demo Gameplay)

49 views Sep 01, 2020
--------------------------------------------------------------- 🎶 Background Audio provided by Chillhop Copyright Chillhop Music - https://chll.to/39f0d837 -------------------------------------...

First Impressions: A Juggler's Tale (Gameplay Demo)

65 views Aug 21, 2020
Enter a world of puppets and strings: A Juggler's Tale is side-scrolling puzzle-platformer with an eerie, but beautiful world. What does this mean for Abby, the young string puppet you control? Let...

First Impressions: Battlecakes (Gameplay Demo)

64 views Aug 21, 2020
Join me for a sweet adventure! Today's demo is Battlecakes! Leap into a world of epic sweetness and discover the destiny of a cupcake hero that you create! Get ready to explore Pasteleria, an ench...

First Impressions: Figment - Creed Valley (Demo)

76 views Aug 21, 2020
Enter the subconscious in today's indie game demo, Figment: Creed Valley! Figment: Creed Valley is an action-adventure game set in the human mind. Nightmares are spreading chaos and enemies have o...

First Impressions: Freshly Frosted (Gameplay Demo)

57 views Aug 21, 2020
Donut miss out this tasty puzzle indie game! Freshly Frosted is a conveyer belt bonanza where you must properly arrange the path to fulfill increasingly complex donut orders. Wishlist on Steam: h...

First Impressions: Starstrucks - Prologue Demo Gameplay

87 views Jul 21, 2020
What do you get when you combine rhythm games with giant destructive hands from space? Starstruck: Prologue, the free demo for Starstruck: Hands of Time! Join me as I play the demo and enjoy destro...

First Impressions: NUTS Demo Gameplay

80 views Jul 16, 2020
Ready to use all your tech, all your brainpower, and all your surveillance smarts to .... record the nightly habits of squirrels? YOU BETCHA! Join me as I play the NUTS demo! A single-player surve...

First Impressions: Forgotten Fields Demo Gameplay

76 views Jul 14, 2020
Join me as we play the demo for Forgotten Fields, an indie game demo exploring nostalgia, relationships, and the creative process. You can support their Kickstarter through Wed, July 15 2020 5:00 A...

Indiewatch: Top 10 Indie Games of June 2020

211 views Jun 19, 2020
We're back after our month break with IndieWatch, a series dedicated to helping you find indie games to enjoy! Be sure to let me know what some of your favorites this month have been, and check bel...

I Can't BEAR it!! Bring Your Tissues || Kimchica Plays Rakuen (Ep 07)

44 views Jun 19, 2020
Dive into the story of Rakuen with Kimchica! In this tale set in a whimsical land, a hospitalized Boy comes to terms with his own story by traveling with his Mom to a beautiful fantasy world; ultim...

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