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Our Day off

84 views Jan 23, 2017
Lagby and Jacita have a day off. A quick summary of the day, we decided to hit up the beach during the pending storm and grab some footage.

Voicemeeter Banana for Beam.pro streaming by Lagby

2132 views Sep 20, 2016
Lagby gives a very basic overview on how to setup Voicemeeter Banana for streaming. Setup for Discord and OBS included. * http://vb-audio.pagesperso-orange.fr/Voicemeeter/banana.htm Partner...

Outlast playthrough - Scared Lagby

64 views Mar 09, 2016
Lagby starts about an hours worth of Stardew Valley before entering the bowls of Outlast. Scared out of my mind several times throughout 9 hours of game play with audience soundboard participation...

Lagby's Valentine's Day Massacre

63 views Feb 18, 2016
Lagby's Lagsters' Lowbie day special event - Valentine's Day Massacre. It was Druids Only level 20- Action Starts at 14:15 -- Everyday at 9am EST - http://Beam.pro/Lagby http://Lagby.com Partn...

Fun streams at Beam.pro

75 views Jan 29, 2016
Some World of Warcraft, dailies, arena's and battlegrounds. Laughs take over when Lagby decides to do voices of Jess. Starts at 4:07:40 -- Watch Live everyday @ 9am EST - A Partnered streamer @...

Walking Dead: Season 2 episode 5 - Lagby Live Stream

34 views Jan 22, 2016
Finishing off the Walking Dead Season 2 with episode 5. A little wow at the end. -- Watch Live everyday @ 9am EST - http://Beam.pro/Lagby "As they say often when faced with the enemy out in t...

Walking Dead:Season 2 Episodes 3 and 4 - Lagby Live Stream

25 views Jan 16, 2016
Another play through with Walking Dead, favorite show ever! Game with a great story line. Giveaways, Sub hype, follower hype, -- Watch Live everyday @ 9am EST - http://Beam.pro/Lagby http://L...

Lagby Live stream - Impromptu Streaming Discussion

36 views Jan 09, 2016
Impromptu discussion takes place (starts at 02:46:25) about streaming tips with guest streamers which include Navi_Ilivas, RufioGuy, Wolfstar76 and Dreadgazeebo. -- Watch Live everyday @ 9am EST -...

Walking Dead Season 2 - Episode 1 and 2 - Beam.pro/Lagby

32 views Jan 08, 2016
Today we begin our journey through The Walking Dead: Season 2 at beam.pro/lagby Everyday 9 am EST - http://beam.pro/lagby


17 views Dec 30, 2015
Come join the fun everyday @ 9am EST till mid afternoon - http://beam.pro/lagby

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