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Let's Play Staxel - Ep 5 - Exploring the Extra Large Island & Visiting the Market

13 views • Jun 13, 2019
When you've got some downtime.... Why not explore and make some extra cash around the big old island we have here? Enjoy the video? Subscribe! http://bit.ly/LarryChupacabra Chupacabra Steam Curat...

Let's Play Staxel - Ep 4 - Starting the Farm & Building a Barn

9 views • Jun 12, 2019
Life as a farmer isnt all barn dances and cattle drives. Its good hard work. Like planting and building. Enjoy the video? Subscribe! http://bit.ly/LarryChupacabra Chupacabra Steam Curator Page ► ...

God of War 4 - EP 4 - Meeting One of the Dwarves that Forged Mjolnir

10 views • Jun 11, 2019
You meet the most interesting people on your journey to deposit your wife's ashes. This time its one of the brothers that forged Thor's hammer. Apparently they also created our magical Axe. Enjoy...

Let's Play Staxel - Ep 3 - New Beginnings & New Game Features

25 views • Jun 03, 2019
Been a little while since we started our Staxel playthrough. Much has changed. So lets snag a new farm and see whats been added! Enjoy the video? Subscribe! http://bit.ly/LarryChupacabra Chupacab...

God of War 4 - EP 3 - The Journey to the Mountain

15 views • May 31, 2019
The stranger who attacked our house is dead hopefully. So now we can start our journey to take our wife's ashes to the top of the tallest mountain. Enjoy the video? Subscribe! http://bit.ly/Larry...

Death Stranding Trailer Analysis - The Story of the Death Dimension

251 views • May 30, 2019
Taking a look at the story of Death Stranding now that the Release Date reveal trailer is out. Something sinister is going on with the land of the dead. Can we stop it before the evil death cult de...

Death Stranding Release Date Reveal Trailer - Out Nov 8th on PS4

9 views • May 30, 2019
Death Stranding is looking pretty dark and sinister. The Death dimension appears to be bleeding into ours. Can we stop it?

Let's Play Burning Daylight - Waking Up in a VR Nightmare World

7 views • May 30, 2019
Checking out the Free game Burning Daylight. A story driven walking simulator game that talks about the darker side of technology that could be in our future. Enjoy the video? Subscribe! http://b...

God of War 4 - EP 2 - Fighting a Mysterious Viking Stranger

17 views • May 29, 2019
Seems like a lot of strange and magical stuff has happened since our wife died in God of War 4. Dragr, Hel Walkers, Trolls, and mysteriously powerful strangers..... Enjoy the video? Subscribe! htt...

God of War 4 - EP 1 - Nerding Out on Norse Mythology

18 views • May 21, 2019
Today we embark on a new god of war adventure with the PS4 version! Which takes us into the realm of norse mythology. Join Larry in nerding out on Norse Mythology. Including whats in the game compa...

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