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Firewatch - EP 3 - Dangerous Hunks The Magazine

6 views Aug 19, 2019
Someone is continuing to terrorize the mountains here in Firewatch. Scaring off the teenagers who were setting off fireworks. Destroying our communication line. Who could it be? #FireWatch #InideG...

AIRCAR VR - Flying Around Delivering Things in a Cyberpunk City - Lounging w/ Larry

64 views Aug 15, 2019
Jumping back into some VR today with AIRCAR VR. Its a free demo that lets you feel what it would be like to fly around in a hovercar in a futuristic city. Its pretty basic but I thought it was pret...

Firewatch - EP 2 - Vandalism & Mysterious Abandoned Backpacks

7 views Aug 14, 2019
Its starting to sound like something weird is going on in the mountains of Wyoming. Disappearances.... Vandalism.... and a mysterious backpack #FireWatch #InideGaming #Letsplay Enjoy the video? S...

THE VILLAGE OF PEACE - One Hour One Life - EP 1

306 views Aug 12, 2019
Life in this game is tough. First you try and find a village. Then you hope nobody tries to murder you because you're an outsider. #OneHourOneLife #OHOL #Letsplay Enjoy the video? Subscribe! htt...

ULTIMATE Hidden Death Screen Easter Egg - One Hour One Life

99 views Aug 11, 2019
Hidden inside of One Hour One Life's death screen is a very fast and very brief easter egg. In order to view it, you need to slow the footage down like a high speed camera. #OneHourOneLife #Easte...

Firewatch - EP 1 - Messing with Teenagers in the Woods

23 views Aug 09, 2019
We're off to re-make the Firewatch Playthrough today! Its not the newest game but I decided I ought to finish it. So lets get started looking out for wildfires by messing with some teenagers! #Fir...

God of War 4 - EP 7 - Running Errands for the Dead

13 views Aug 05, 2019
There's an awful lot of Zombies and dead people. Maybe if we talk to some of them we can find out why. #GodofWar #GodofWar4 #Gaming Enjoy the video? Subscribe! http://bit.ly/LarryChupacabra Ch...

God of War 4 - EP 6 - A Strange Witch & The Wild Boar

11 views Aug 02, 2019
The World Serpent is here! Though a lot less evil than hes supposed to be. Weird. #GodofWar #GodofWar4 #Gaming Enjoy the video? Subscribe! http://bit.ly/LarryChupacabra Chupacabra Steam Curator ...

Blastion First Look - A Familiar Dungeon Crawling Adventure!

67 views Jul 31, 2019
Today we're looking at Blastion. Another roguelike dungeon crawler that has excellent combat. But has another issue. It appears this is the game that Cryptrunner stole the idea from.... or was it t...

How to Get Infinite XP in God of War 4 - 99 Parry Glitch Guide

700 views Jul 30, 2019
Who knew leaving home would be so much work. First some mysterious stranger, now a fire troll. Geeez. #GodofWar #GodofWar4 #Gaming Enjoy the video? Subscribe! http://bit.ly/LarryChupacabra Chup...

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