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War Selection Announcement Trailer

717 views Sep 09, 2019
War Selection is an upcoming psuedo-historical military RTS game. 62 Players will fight on the same map as eaech layer leads their civilization from the stone age through industrial ages. You can...

Gaming the Industry Episode 217 - A Chat With Derek Brinkmann, Project Lead on Legends of Aria

80 views Sep 05, 2019
Multistreaming with https://restream.io/ Join Managing Editor Joseph Bradford and Associate Editor Shank as they talk the week in MMOs, the Gaming Industry. This week we sit down with Derek Brinkm...

Gamescom 2019: Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire Ultimate Edition Interview

201 views Sep 03, 2019
Join Ed as he talks to Lance James from Versus Evil about Pillars of Eternity II Deadfire's November console release with the developer at Gamescom 2019!

Closers - Seth Story Trailer

927 views Aug 27, 2019
The Girl with Two Souls comes to Closers on September 10th, but just exactly who is Seth and how did she come to be? Check out the story trailer for the new member of UNION's Wildhunter team! Pre-...

Feiyu-Tech AK4500 Review: THE Gimbal for Content Creators!

142 views Aug 26, 2019
We're entering the professional world of video making, taking a look at the Feiyu-Tech AK4500 Camera Gimbal Stabilizer. If you're a content creator looking to make your videos stand out, look no fu...

ESO - Saturday Night Stream!

271 views Aug 18, 2019
Multistreaming with https://restream.io/ Join MMORPG Managing Editor Joseph and Associate Editor Shank as they romp through Tamriel on a their weekly ESO Stream!

Crowfall - The Fortunes of War Update

1028 views Jul 23, 2019
Crowfall reveals update 5.1 with the new Embargo System, Cross-World Trading, God's Reach new-player world, and more.

Clash of Kings New Battle Trailer (SPONSORED)

404 views Jul 02, 2019
Clash of Kings is celebrating its 5th anniversary with some new content and prizes for all. (SPONSORED content) Learn more - http://bit.ly/2MXzFoe

Runescape LOOT Interview

206 views Jul 02, 2019
MMORPG got a chance to set foot in a new world. We visited the stomping ground of fearsome monolithic creatures. Once we got to the Jagex Headquarters and avoided the fearsome mods we talked to the...

The Best Headphones for Gaming - Massdrop X Sennheiser HD6XX

617 views Jul 01, 2019
In this video, we look at the Drop X Sennheiser HD6XX. It's a modern reimagining of the famous Sennheiser HD650s. It sounds amazing but could it also be the best headphone you can find for gaming? ...

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