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Player2PartyChat Episode 1: Not Sure How This Works

7 views Mar 27, 2019
Catch our show live Tuesdays at 7pm Est!

Hell Warders Stream Gameplay on Xbox One

34 views Mar 26, 2019
Catch us live on Mixer.com/player2reviews!

Hell Warders Xbox One Gameplay with Commentary

7 views Mar 25, 2019
Catch us live on Mixer.com/player2reviews ! Review coming soon!

Player2PartyChat Episode 0: New Beginnings

26 views Mar 24, 2019
Welcome to our new podcast inspired stream, Player2PartyChat! This was are first go around, so we do not want to call it an official episode! Check it out and let us know what you think! Streaming ...

Scene Sample for Mixer

16 views Mar 22, 2019
Sample of a potential Stream Intro Song: Neon Rails by Joel Corelitz

Golden Tee Great Shot on Agave Ranch!

7 views Jan 30, 2019
PL2 hit an amazing shot at CHEERS, KISSIMMEE, FL!

Far Cry 5 (Lost On Mars) - Part 5

1 views Nov 12, 2018
You guessed it, we are still here. You in to help us destroy some alien scum and maybe get Hurk to say something funny. Part 5 is here to stay.

Far Cry 5 (Lost On Mars) - Part 4

0 views Nov 09, 2018
We are still here, Lost on Mars, they say. Help us find the way off this infested land. When will we get off this damn rock? Only time will tell!

Far Cry 5 (Lost on Mars) Part 3

3 views Nov 07, 2018
After a bit of a hiatus, we are back in SPACE! Join us on our third installment of our out-of-this-world adventure.

Far Cry 5 Lost On Mars Part 2

4 views Oct 08, 2018
WE ARE BACK ON MARS! Episode 2 is finally here as we continue with our adventure, hopefully we do not get to 'Lost on Mars' Suggestions on what we should play? Leave a comment! Or check out our ...

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