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Metro Needs a Map ~ Metro 2033 Episode 10

2 views Apr 10, 2017
Got un-lost from last episode, but then I get lost again at the end of this episode :D Metro 2033 really needs a map, even the most basic one, I get so lost so easily..... Check out Mr. Mystery vi...

Daemon Irrepit Callidus

99 views Apr 07, 2017
I sang this song in High School (this recording is not my school) and I've only managed to find one good version of it on YouTube. However, the mass of silence before and after, as well as the clap...

Like a Shadow in the Night ~ Metro 2033 Episode 9

3 views Apr 04, 2017
First we weren't stealthy, and then we were, and then there were demons, and then there was Ulman, and then we were stealthy, and then we were lost. This video was such a roller coaster! Twitter:...

Elcor are Cute IMO ~ Mass Effect Renegade Run ~ Episode 2

14 views Apr 04, 2017
Not too much assholery today unfortunately, but I'm sure we will have plenty of opportunities moving forward! Additionally, I realized I can switch resolution via game settings so no more square sc...

What an Asshole ~ Mass Effect 1 Renegade Run ~ Episode 1

29 views Mar 27, 2017
The title says it all folks, we're playing Mass Effect 1, and we're going to be complete assholes about it! Definitely go and check out Jade's channel as I probably wouldn't be playing this without...

To the Rescue! ~ Metro 2033 Episode 8

7 views Mar 21, 2017
Hey, we finally rescued somebody instead of somebody rescuing us! It was a kid though, and he wouldn't shut up -.- Check out Vanguard via the links below and remember to send some love and suppor...

How do you Drive this Thing?!? ~ Metro 2033 Episode 7

3 views Mar 13, 2017
What right do we have to constantly live on while others take our place in the afterlife? What makes us so special so many are willing to lend aid, and indeed their lives? The plot thickens. Chec...

The Reds and the Reich ~ Metro 2033 Episode 6

10 views Mar 07, 2017
Tales tell of a prior war between the Nazis and the Communists, they say the Nazis lost...... Check out ChristopherOdd here! Subscribe: http://bit.ly/christopherodd Twitter: http://twitter.com/c...

Swarmed ~ Metro 2033 Episode 5

2 views Feb 28, 2017
I just don't know how to effectively deal with the large packs yet! The life of a sniper is hard down in the tunnels. Check out General Mittenz here! Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/general_mitten...

I Broke the Game, Again ~ Metro 2033 Episode 4

1 views Feb 21, 2017
Welp, bit of a slow start, but we end up gaining some new weapons, a new ally, annnnnd then I think I broke my game. Tune in next time to see if I figure it out XD No featured content creator for ...

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