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BEATING MY HIGHEST ROUND | Black Ops 3 Custom Zombies

41 views Jun 07, 2017
I try out a few maps on Custom Zombies and beat my highest round on one of them! Follow me on Twitter: @JoshRyanUK


6 views Apr 14, 2017
http://bit.ly/sutcstream As said in the video, we're doing a livestream on the 22nd of April to raise money in memory of family and friends and anyone has been lost or has had Cancer. We'll be doi...

WE'RE BACK! - Razor vs. Fosse: Rocket League!

27 views Feb 01, 2017
ME AND THEFOSSEARMY ARE BACK WITH ROCKET LEAGGGUE! ------------------------------------------------------ Game: https://rocketleaguegame.com/ ------------------------------------------------------ ...

BEST KILL EVER?! | Battlefield 1 Funny Moments w/Wolfe, CavemanApoc & Yukiin

31 views Nov 07, 2016
I livestreamed yesterday with a few of my friends and it was awesome, here are the highlights! Made by and starring: http://www.youtube.com/cavemanapocalypse Also http://www.youtube.com/yukiin ---...

BETTER THAN EXPECTED | Black Ops 3 Splitscreen Multiplayer w/Robyn!

27 views Oct 13, 2016
Me and Robyn (http://www.twitter.com/r0bvn) play some Call of Duty: Black Ops 3.. it went better than expected. ------------------------------------------------------ Game: https://www.callofduty.c...

WHAT IS THAT THING?! | Outlast 2 Demo w/Facecam (1440p)

57 views Oct 11, 2016
I play the Outlast 2 demo and it's so, so terrifying. Enjoy my fear! ------------------------------------------------------ Game: http://store.steampowered.com/app/414700/ -------------------------...


46 views Aug 31, 2016
I play the new Battlefield 1 Beta and I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Try and count the amount of times I swear or say 'come on'. I'll give you a tip, its a lot. ----------------------------------------------...

46% KILL PARTICIPATION | Overwatch w/Wolfe & Yukiin

36 views Jul 07, 2016
On my first time playing Overwatch, I managed to get a 46% kill participation in my third game! How? I have no idea. ------------------------------------------------------ Game: https://playoverwat...

This War of Mine Trailer Recreation

29 views Jun 14, 2016
Game: http://store.steampowered.com/app/282070/ ------------------------------------------------------ Please leave a like and even subscribe, it helps me create better content for future videos! -...

Happy Birthday Fosse! (Funny Moments)

50 views Jun 11, 2016
I made a special mash-up of some funny moments between me and Fosse, Razor and Fosse 4 life. Seriously though, happy birthday to one of my best mates Daniel. He's always been there for me and is o...

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