I'm a Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and write for Scholarly Gamers, typically focusing on simulation or RTS games.

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Episode 4: Building a Barn! | Ranch Sim Let's Play

99 views Mar 17, 2021
With our chickens dead and gone, it's time to continue rebuilding the ranch to its former glory, and put up a new barn! This episode shows more of the game mechanics, demolition, building, and hu...

Episode 3: Dead Chickens?! | Ranch Sim Let's Play

301 views Mar 12, 2021
Apparently I'm the worst at taking care of chickens...plus it's time to build ourselves a home on the range! Where the...well you get it. This video sees us build up our ranch some more, demolishi...

Episode 2: Chickens! | Ranch Sim Let's Play

199 views Mar 05, 2021
As we continue through the quests - which are also the game's tutorial - it's time to get some chickens on the ranch! See the game on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1119730/Ranch_Simul...

Episode 1: Starting Out | Ranch Sim Let's Play

194 views Mar 03, 2021
Welcome to my let's play of Ranch Simulator! We're taking over our late grandfather's ranch and trying to restore it to its former glory. I intend for this series to be a bit of a review in progres...

Ranch Sim's Character Creator: In-depth Look

997 views Mar 02, 2021
Ranch Sim releases into Early Access on March 4, 2021, and it comes with a fairly in-depth character customization system! This video shows off all the different aspects of the creator, and how you...

Becastled: First Look (Demo)

49 views Feb 27, 2021
Take a first look at Becastled, a medieval real-time strategy game where you build and defend your castle from sieges! This demo was part of the Steam games festival in February 2021. Becastled w...

Ranch Sim: First Look (Part 2)

91 views Feb 25, 2021
Welcome to Ranch Simulator, a game where you take over your late grandfather's ranch and try to restore it to its former glory! In this second part of my look at the game's 1 hour demo, I give my i...

Ranch Sim: First Look

286 views Feb 23, 2021
Welcome to Ranch Simulator, a game where you take over your late grandfather's ranch and try to restore it to its former glory! In this first look video, I give my impressions of the farming, drivi...

Farm Manager 2021: First Look (Prologue Demo)

193 views Feb 19, 2021
Farm Manager 2021 is a real-time strategy game where you manage a farm, building it from the ground up! In this video I take a look at the demo that is currently available on Steam to get a taste o...

Summer in Mara: Prologue

96 views Jun 26, 2020
Welcome to my Let's Play of Summer in Mara! This is a new adventure/farming/exploration game that follows the journey of Koa as she navigates life on (and off) a peaceful island. This video kicks t...

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