I'm a Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and write for Scholarly Gamers, typically focusing on simulation or RTS games.

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Kverneland & Vicon DLC: Fact Sheet Friday #1 | Farming Simulator 19

393 views May 15, 2020
Fact Sheet Friday is back to show us all the details on some of the equipment in the Kverneland/Vicon DLC for Farming Simulator 19! Today's fact sheets give a closer look at the 7850 bale wrapper a...

Modern Classics DLC: First Look | Farming Simulator 19

322 views May 03, 2020
Check out the Modern Classics DLC for Farming Simulator 19, made by Mattxjs! This is a free DLC in the form of a mod pack, brought over from Farming Simulator 17. Download the mod from the GIANTS...

GPS Mod Tutorial (Updated) | Farming Simulator 19

67203 views May 02, 2020
The Guidance Steering (or GPS) mod by Wopster is one of my absolute must-have mods, as it gives you the ability to ensure you work in a straight line, and not miss parts of a field or overlap too m...

Funds Transfers | Farm Sim Network (FSN) Tutorial #16

1928 views Apr 24, 2020
The Farm Sim Network (FSN) allows you to transfer money seamlessly between your virtual farm business on the FSN website and your actual farm save game on an FSN dedicated server. In addition, ther...

Selling to Customs | Farm Sim Network (FSN) Tutorial #15

1968 views Apr 17, 2020
When you want to sell your crops on the FSN, you've got a few options to try to get the best price for your goods: sell to an in-game sell point, direct sell through customs, or send the crops to y...

Dealerships | Farm Sim Network (FSN) Feature Spotlight

859 views Apr 14, 2020
Player-owned and operated equipment dealerships have arrived! Players on the Farm Sim Network (FSN) can now buy their shiny new equipment from dealerships that are run by other players in the FSN. ...

NPC Contracts | Farm Sim Network (FSN) Tutorial #14

2963 views Apr 10, 2020
Starting out in the FSN you'll be a contractor - regular "base game" NPC contracts are disabled on the FSN, so how do you make money if there aren't any jobs available for other players? This video...

Mid-winter contracts on the Farm Sim Network | !fsn | !points

20 avg live viewers (28 peak)Apr 08, 2020

Customs Contracts | Farm Sim Network (FSN) Tutorial #13

2922 views Apr 01, 2020
When a player wants to sell their crop on the FSN's Global Market economy, they need a Customs Officer to export the crop - this tutorial will show you exactly how to do that! Don't know what the ...

Invoice System | Farm Sim Network (FSN) Tutorial #12

1751 views Mar 30, 2020
Whether you're a Contractor or Farm Manager in the FSN, you want to get paid! Whether you did some work for someone or you're selling some equipment, the invoice system is how you bill people for w...

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