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omaha high low split short handed

null views Jun 08, 2016

Ticket to Ride 1910 game

4 views Oct 27, 2015
gambled up taking five cards

Codecademy CSS Sorting Your Friends

3840 views Sep 16, 2015
A quick walk-through of the Codecademy lesson "Sorting Your Friends"

Richard Kain Live Stream

22 views Aug 22, 2015
Maybe Learning to Program, maybe Steam games

Codecademy's Design a Button for your Website (HTML/CSS Course)

5176 views Aug 22, 2015
Shorter video for using a div tag to make a button

First half of Codecademy's HTML & CSS course, CSS section

86 views Aug 22, 2015
learning basic CSS

Walkthrough of Codecademy HTML Structure lesson

37 views Aug 22, 2015
Poor resolution but first attempt to do a walk through of a Codecademy lesson.

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