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First Look: Monster Train

98 views Jun 18, 2020
Welcome to our first look video of Monster Train, a deck builder roguelike game by Shiny Shoe. This game came highly recommended from a few friends of mine, and I'm super glad I got it. I've never...

[Rotmg Exalt] ep. 8 - Do not pass GO

368 views Jun 16, 2020
Welcome back to RotMG Exalt! Today we play as our Huntress, talk about a difficult situatiuon that I was in last week that I believe we can all learn from. ► Join the Discord!

Helltaker (Steam Game) - DEMON WAIFU HAREMFirst Look Helltaker

175 views Jun 09, 2020
Helltaker (Steam game) is a free to play puzzle game where you play as a man on a mission: to make a harem of cute demon waifus. ► Join the Discord! ► Follow me on Tw...

Minecraft Dungeons Ep 3 - I'm on a Boat!

46 views Jun 05, 2020
Welcome to Minecraft Dungeons ep 3, where we liberate Pumpkin Pastures, get some sweet scythes, and talk a bit more about the gameplay! ► Join the Discord! ► Follow me ...

RotMg Exalt Ep 7

93 views Jun 04, 2020
Welcome back to RotMG Exalt! Today we play as our Huntress, talk about some really fun stories from my High School days, and for some reason run a lot of Snake Pits. Enjoy! ► Join the Discord! htt...

Roguejack | I'll make my own Roguelike, with Blackjack!

84 views Jun 01, 2020
Welcome to RogueJack, a game that fuses blackjack into the roguelike genre. Rogue Jack is a roguelike blackjack game and it's pretty much amazing. Is it the best roguelike of them all? Probably not...

Minecraft Dungeons Ep 2 - Creepy Crypt

51 views May 29, 2020
Welcome to Minecraft Dungeons Ep 2. In this episode we explore the Creepy Crypt, get better armor and equipment, and absolutely obliterate a spider. ► Join the Discord! ...

Minecraft Dungeons Ep 1 - The Adventure Begins!

191 views May 27, 2020
Welcome to Minecraft Dungeons Ep 1. This game is basically Diablo + Minecraft. It seems really good so far, but maybe a bit easier than I was hoping for. Here's to hoping that it gets harder from h...

I REACT To My First VIDEO! #Cringefest

89 views May 26, 2020
In this video I react to my first video that I ever posted on YouTube. We battle through the cringe to see how far we've come, learn from my mistakes, and help you gain the confidence to post your ...

Hades Ep 2 - Spear Fishing

44 views May 25, 2020
Welcome to Hades Ep 2 a Rogulike game in Early Acces by Supergiant Games! In this episode we escape from Tartarus and make it to Asphodel, where we fight the dreaded Bone Hydra... again ► Join the...

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