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Sunday Spoops » !sub !ob » (PS4) #TeamStrats #SimplyStreams

25 avg live viewers (32 peak)Sep 10, 2017

Sunday Spoops » !sub !ob » (PS4) #TeamStrats #SimplyStreams

26 avg live viewers (35 peak)Sep 10, 2017

Sunday Spoops » !sub !ob » (PS4) #TeamStrats #SimplyStreams

19 avg live viewers (29 peak)Sep 10, 2017

More FF Friday » !sub » (PS4) #TeamStrats #SimplyStreams

49 avg live viewers (110 peak)Sep 08, 2017

OW - Catapulted (Highlight)

47 views Aug 29, 2017
I'm running as heals on Route 66 when the enemy Reinhardt sees me. He was trying to kill me but wound up helping me! - - - Find me on the Web!

FF: Dissidia - Ohoho! (Highlight)

200 views Aug 29, 2017
Peep Shantotto's victory laugh! In this short clip you can watch me falling in love, lol! SO CUUUUTE. - - - Find me on the Web! ...

Dissidia - Special Event - (Complete Playthrough)

29 views Aug 29, 2017
Today I play a Dissidia game for the first time! In this VOD I roll through the full roster, trying out all the characters and exploring each of their abilities in practice matches. The last matc...

INSIDE - Zombie Mob (Highlight)

13 views Aug 29, 2017
Another (funny) fall death happens to me, as always~ Clipped by Trom: - - - Find me on the Web!

INSIDE - Blew It (Highlight)

15 views Aug 29, 2017
On this level I'm attempting to run for cover before the sound waves explode me to little bits. Per usual, puns run rampant in chat which leads to us to this funny moment. I blew it, I guess! *bum...

INSIDE - Special Event - (Complete Playthrough)

9 views Aug 29, 2017
Today we explore the engaging puzzle-platformer that is INSIDE. I've never played anything like it! I recommend it if you like mysterious puzzle platformers. (The Fall, KLAUS, etc.) - - - Find me...

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