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FFXII - Fran's Age (Highlight)

1894 views Aug 29, 2017
'Why, Vaan?' Poor guy opens his mouth to dare ask how old Fran is and the cast tosses him epic shade, as usual! Lol. - - - Find me on the Web!

FFXII - The Wood, Part II (Highlight)

11 views Aug 29, 2017
[SPOILERS] An emotional cut scene between Fran and Jote. It's one of my favorites! - - - Find me on the Web! http://www.twitter...

FFXII - The Wood, Part I (Highlight)

26 views Aug 29, 2017
[SPOILERS] For the first time, we learn about Fran's background. Here Fran interacts with Jote. - - - Find me on the Web! http:...

FFXII - (Part 5)

3 views Aug 29, 2017
Today we explore the Henne Mines (getting ambushed by squishes) and it forces us to use the whole party as opposed to just favorites. After that we roam to level up between the Ozmone Plain and Th...

Dissidia~ Last strim before !PAX » (PS4) #TeamStrats #SimplyStreams

17 avg live viewers (23 peak)Aug 29, 2017

Running Comp! 1500SR » (PS4) #TeamStrats #SimplyStreams

23 avg live viewers (32 peak)Aug 26, 2017

More FFXII! » (PS4) #TeamStrats #SimplyStreams

22 avg live viewers (31 peak)Aug 25, 2017

Overwatch - Face Off at Gilbraltar (Highlight)

14 views Aug 22, 2017
After some intense back and forth with this particular team, we finally secure the win in competitive. - - - Find me on the Web! ...

FFXII - To the Window ... to the Wall (Highlight)

6 views Aug 22, 2017
This lengthy highlight features my struggle with the Demon Wall in Raithwall's Tomb. ;-; - - - Find me on the Web! http://www.twi...

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