video game critic man, mid 20's australian from the north. Enjoy analysing games and talking about them. Covering new releases is super fun! Twitch: commentary, youtube: no commentary, 10 years content creating experience.

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Wewcome to the famiwy son

1 avg live viewers (1 peak)May 06, 2021

i scream like a child (informal stream)

2 avg live viewers (3 peak)May 05, 2021

Return Al-an to his home

2 avg live viewers (3 peak)May 03, 2021

Return all

1 avg live viewers (2 peak)May 03, 2021

Indie Speed-running Cyperbunk Platformer Aeon Drive | Alpha Build Playthrough

1 views May 02, 2021
Wishlist on Steam: Aeon Drive is a speedrun action platformer set in Cyberpunk Barcelona. Jackelyne, with her sword, her teleportation dagger and her unique skill to control...

pretty pixel platformers with female protagonists

2 avg live viewers (5 peak)May 01, 2021

I'm not dead just moved country

2 avg live viewers (3 peak)Apr 30, 2021

I'm not dead just moved country

1 avg live viewers (1 peak)Apr 26, 2021

TitanReach Trailer Competition Entry | Smile

90 views Apr 11, 2021
TitanReach Discord: Proof I made it: SquareRoot studios are running a trailer competition for their upcoming indie MMORPG Tita...

Indie Rougelike Survival Horror Rogue Mansion exclusive Early look

663 views Apr 05, 2021
Get Rogue Mansion in Humble Choice April 2021 referral helps my channel: Follow the development on Twitter: Rogue Mansion is a survival ho...

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