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vr minecraft bullying

4730 views Dec 09, 2020
The only thing that keeps me going is knowing that eventually I'm going to get to play Minecraft VR again with my friends. This was one of those days. 🤼‍♂️ Feat @General Sam @Bizzlesnaff @Papa ...

Stranded With Degenerates in The Forest VR

4943 views Nov 23, 2020
Okay maybe I disappear for a month sometimes BUT I'M BACK WITH THE FOREST VR played with the boys. The footage is a bit rough but until SteamVR figures their junk out or we find a workaround, VR qu...

VR Chad Teaches You How to Survive in Phasmophobia

6462 views Oct 18, 2020
Phasmophobia is a game that really shines in Virtual Reality to the point where I wouldn't recommend playing it without it. I recently had the chance to play with some cool dudes in VR and thought ...

I don't want to play Sub Rosa ever again

13522 views Oct 10, 2020
Sub Rosa is a game. Sometimes you make a deal, and sometimes you get blasted. That's it. That's the description. also, I know it was Monsota and not the crop company 🤼‍♂️ Feat Abnormal Sloth - h...

Phasmophobia Isn't Even Scary

13345 views Oct 01, 2020
If you aren't playing Phasmophobia in VR, then you're really missing out on the added terror and immersion. This game was a really unexpected smash hit and if you've got the friends to play it with...

Due Process is Synthwave Judge Dredd

13845 views Aug 28, 2020
Due Process is a retro tactical shooter that takes place in a Judge Dredd-esque corporate future. The game is currently in a beta phase that you can join by going to their website and then snagging...

Grounded & Pounded

5826 views Aug 20, 2020
This video is really just.. it is a mess. But Grounded is pretty fun, for what little content is in the game so far. We recorded this back when it launched and haven't really played since, but once...

Minecraft is the Only VR Game That Matters

5924 views Aug 09, 2020
Around this time last year (almost to the day) I had the chance to play Minecraft with my friends while they were all in VR. Fast forward to present and the time has finally come. Now I am the vive...

burned out on tarkov quests

81427 views Jun 30, 2020
I don't know how much longer I can keep doing quests in Escape from Tarkov. I'm burned out, man. They just keep coming and each one is as tedious as the last. 🤼‍♂️ Feat GeneralSam: @General Sam ...

Watching This Video Will Make You Worse At Tarkov

34286 views Jun 10, 2020
The big Tarkov wipe happened recently and I got sucked back into it with my friends. I swear if it weren't for them and the healing properties of the Tarkov metropolitan fleamarket I wouldn't touch...

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