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At Least Battlefield 2042 Couldn't Possibly Get Any Worse

9690 views Oct 13, 2021
That title qualifies as famous last words. I'll be playing Battlefield 2042 on launch though because I can't help myself. I love the franchise and enjoy it far too much to let all of the bugs and b...

I Played Devour on Easy Mode So You Don't Have To

3731 views Oct 12, 2021
I'm not really a spooky horror game kind of guy, so october is a great month for me. Really digging deep and playing something spooky for content, and in no way out of any intention of enjoying mys...

The Better Cyberpunk

15315 views Sep 08, 2021
The Ascent is a top down shoot & loot game with fantastic art direction and a world design Cyberpunk should be jealous of. It definitely has some bugs but they weren't bad enough to ruin the gorgeo...

They Finally Made a Good Aliens Game

9956 views Sep 01, 2021
I didn't have high hopes for Aliens: Fireteam Elite but I've actually been enjoying it a ton. Much like the 1st & 2nd movie, it is tonally completely different from Alien: Isolation so for this tit...

Surviving the SCP: Pandemic

11788 views Aug 12, 2021
SCP: Pandemic is a game still in early development that is currently running a kickstarter to fund development. Link below: 🤼‍♂️ Feat @Nod...

Sea of Thieves But Nothing Bad Happens and We Just Vibe

6344 views Jul 13, 2021
Just a couple of homies sailing on the Sea of Thieves relaxing and having absolutely nothing at all bad happen to them. Overall a very chill journey with minimal anguish. 🤼‍♂️ Feat Miss Vexx: Saf...

Becoming a Human Beyblade in Chivalry 2

45155 views Jun 15, 2021
I hope you weren't expecting something other than Chivalry 2, because I'm not even close to done playing this game. 🤼‍♂️ Feat D: @Node @Cerberusarms Harley: @O...

Chivalry 2 Cured My Depression

67577 views Jun 04, 2021
To say that I'm hyped to jump back in to Chivalry 2 on the 8th would be an understatement. I only had a day to record most of this footage and it left me wanting to play more. 🎵 Tunes Battle Brot...

Days Gone Guy is a Terrible Person

20873 views May 27, 2021
I really never planned to make a Days Gone video but this guy ended up being such a terrible person that I had no choice to at least put together a short one. I do recommend Days Gone (PC) though, ...

Trust No One in Dread Hunger

46011 views May 08, 2021
Got together with the homies and starved in Dread Hunger. Froze to death. Maybe ate a bit of human flesh. You know, just gamer things. 🤼‍♂️ Feat @General Sam @Bizzlesnaff @Papa Poob Fungletoe:...

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