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The Combined Push | Squad V12 Gameplay

45 views • Jan 08, 2019
Another Squad video, this time making a key push against the enemy with Infantry and Vehicles to take one objective but defend the next. West Coast Tactical Discord - https://discord.gg/FFJKbGT ...

Ace Combat 7: The Phantom Pain - Fan Trailer

354 views • Jan 07, 2019
Ace Combat 7 comes out in 11 days and I cannot wait. With that I decided to do another Fan Trailer but combining alittle Metal Gear with this. PANDA'S SOCIAL MEDIA, Discord - https://discord.gg/Z...

Wii Sports, Why You Getting Expensive? | Panda's VLOGs

19 views • Jan 07, 2019
I went out to get Wii Sports for my Wii System I just got and I realized that the price has been going up. Why is that? It's simple, supply and demand. PANDA'S SOCIAL MEDIA, Discord - https://disc...

More Paintings, More Trouble | Call of Cthulhu Part 7

4 views • Jan 06, 2019
After escaping the Institute and regrouping with people who aren't trying to actively capture/kill me. Time to break the bad news to Sander's Wife. GAME Call of Cthulhu: The Official Video Game | ...

Come On! I'm Right Here! | Squad V12 Gameplay

43 views • Jan 06, 2019
A small highlight of some of my Squad play on my favorite server "West Coast Tactical" for Squad. This time, the Shenanigans continues. West Coast Tactical Discord - https://discord.gg/FFJKbGT S...

Should You Buy a Wii in 2019? | Panda's VLOGs

28 views • Jan 05, 2019
In my latest Panda's VLOG, I recently picked up a Nintendo Wii and I put down my 2 cents on why you should pick it up in 2019. PANDA'S SOCIAL MEDIA, Discord - https://discord.gg/ZpKxEah Facebook ...

Panda's Cosplayer Spotlight 1/4/19 - Koumorinohime

48 views • Jan 04, 2019
Panda's Cosplayer Spotlight will highlight a cosplayer each week throughout the year. The Cosplayer will answer list of questions on how and why they got into Cosplay. Here for 1/4/19 we have Kou...

Forward Into the Point | Squad V12 Gameplay

64 views • Jan 04, 2019
Here is a small Highlight of an earlier game I was playing today in Squad but decided to add a bit of dramatic music with it. Hope you all enjoy. And of course server is West Coast Tactical that I ...

Move, Suppress, Repeat | Post Scriptum Gameplay

96 views • Jan 02, 2019
In this video, playing more Post Scriptum, joined a squad that communicated well and the Squad Leader know what he was doing. Plus I had the MG42 as well. GAME Post Scriptum | STEAM PANDA'S SOCI...

Mistakes Made, Totally Not Me | Squad V12 Gameplay

230 views • Dec 29, 2018
Another Highlight Reel this time mistakes were definitely made, maybe not my fault though. Of course server is always "West Coast Tactical." West Coast Tactical Discord - https://discord.gg/FFJKb...

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