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CTR NF: Oxide Station 2:47.40

71 views Aug 06, 2019

CTR NF: Electron Avenue 3:06.78

27 views Aug 06, 2019

CTR NF: Prehistoric Playground 2:23.50

20 views Aug 02, 2019
I would've had a better lap 3 if I had spent money on microtransactions

CTR NF: Papu Pyramid 0:38.60 (Patched Method)

462 views Jul 09, 2019
Nice game reeenox 2nd place on the leaderboards because sonic is actually good at this

CTR NF: Assembly Lane 2:28.81

44 views Jul 08, 2019

CTR NF: Android Alley 2:32.75

32 views Jul 08, 2019
its actually faster to take the right ramp pad instead of the center after the train section. feel free to mentally take a tenth of a second off my time to account for this

CTR NF: Hot Air Skyway 2:19.77

48 views Jul 07, 2019
improvement on the old time. still probably shit, someone tell me how to be fast

CTR NF: Tiger Temple 1:31.79

42 views Jul 07, 2019

CTR NF: Blizzard Bluff 1:11.53

89 views Jul 02, 2019
penta repping his home track

CTR NF: Hot Air Skyway 2:27.01

39 views Jun 26, 2019

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