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Clone Hero Chart Preview: Chop Suey but it's a complete shit show

843 views Mar 04, 2018
I apologize. This meme was made by Magik Mike: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IOToSGu3q1E --- Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UAQjIsm8g7giQEDF5WP819rO-TSGNFmH Clone Hero: https://www....

i am a puzzle-solving god

224 views Feb 07, 2018
my usual reaction to piano puzzles is to fuck around for a bit. until today, that has yet to actually solve a puzzle

Clone Hero Chart Preview: Ahoy - POLYBIUS: The Video Game That Doesn't Exist

723 views Jan 29, 2018
Yes, I really charted the whole thing. Yes, I really played the whole thing. No, I didn't FC it - I don't even think it's feasibly possible to FC it. Why does it lag? Well, because the game has n...

Clone Hero Chart Preview: e-dubble & 27 Lights - Klitschko (Solo)

99 views Jan 24, 2018
Bill Beckett's tasty solo that caps off Klitschko from the Surrounded By Giants album. --------------------------------- Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1g0joavLnAVy7Sr-yN2G-G3TETmIC2G2...

Clone Hero: And then Katie, you come in with the bass

749 views Jan 10, 2018
i'm done with this movie don't worry

Clone Hero 100% FC: School of Rock (with video background)

42731 views Jan 09, 2018
Me playing a classic song from a classic Jack Black film. This was charted for DVDSmith for a TV & Movies setlist, I just edited the clip from the film to fit the song and FC'd it. ---------------...

Gran Turismo Sport: Critical mechanical failure in online race

236 views Jan 02, 2018
A bad swerve to avoid an accidents winds up in a race-ending mechanical failure and results in me getting lapped

Clone Hero Chart Preview: Made of Hate - Bullet In Your Head

98 views Dec 23, 2017
This is being played by a bot, as I didn't have time to FC this and let's face it I'd probably be too garbage to FC this anyway. This was a request, but a fun one. It's also a slightly old version...

Clone Hero Chart Preview: Kenet & Rez - Unreal Super Hero 3

200 views Dec 15, 2017
In celebration of Sony Vegas 14 Pro being available for 20 bucks in the Humble Store, feel free to torrent this video. --------------------------------- Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=...

Clone Hero Chart Preview: 1551 - Bring It On

1482 views Dec 03, 2017
A chart of Spencer Crewe and Jeremy Dooley's latest single, Bring It On. --------------------------------- Jeremy's Twitter: https://twitter.com/JeremyNDooley Spencer's Twitter: https://twitter.co...

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