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Bug In The System - Chapter 4 Execution - Danganronpa V3 Part 33

55 views Jun 01, 2018
In this episode - the most screwed up execution yet.

The Glitch - Trial 4 Part 2 - Danganronpa V3 Part 32

92 views May 28, 2018
In the conclusion of Trial 4, a betrayal dressed as revenge, and a sad reveal.

The Shape Of The Land - Trial 4 Part 1 - Danganronpa V3 Part 31

56 views May 25, 2018
Hey guys - I know I'm missing an episode, because I keep messing up. But that episode is not a very exciting one, so I'll upload it later for completeness. I just want to keep the forward momentum ...

Virtually There - Dangaronpa V3 Episode 29

44 views May 25, 2018
This SHOULD be the missing episode :P Sorry about all of the mix-ups!

The Virtual Investigation - Case 4 - Danganronpa V3 Part 30

76 views May 24, 2018
(If you missed episode 29, here's a link to it - sorry for the mix up last time: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2NQ7n_bS9ew&feature=youtu.be&a ) Time to gather some clues about Case 4's murder!

5th Floor - Glowing Pink Bartending! - Danganronpa V3 Part 27

85 views May 17, 2018
We explore the 5th floor in Danganronpa V3!

F R I E N D S H I P - Danganronpa V3 Part 28

65 views May 13, 2018
More friendship time.

The Cargo Hold - 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors Part 6

79 views May 12, 2018
Junpei and his company enter the cargo hold and again, have to escape.

Keeping It In The Family - Case 3 Execution - Danganronpa V3 Part 26

65 views May 11, 2018
Oh boy, I love censoring videos!

The Final Episode - Game Not Game 93

124 views May 11, 2018
Hi, thanks for your support over this crazy 93-long episode run of the Game Not Game podcast! Green and I are moving on to other things (I've explained more in the episode), but we're so grateful f...

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