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Behind The Mask - Case 3 Trial Part 2 - Danganronpa V3 Part 25

99 views May 06, 2018
The mask finally comes off - what's behind the mask?

S A L T - 3rd Trial Part 1 - Danganronpa V3 Part 24

55 views May 02, 2018
Yes, this is just the first part of the 3rd trial. Seriously.

The Boiler Room - 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors Part 5:

99 views Apr 29, 2018
Junpei and company choose a door - and find themselves in the largest escape room yet!

The Cleric - It Lurks Below Part 1( Gameplay / Let's Play )

131 views Apr 27, 2018
Let's check out this new game, which is supposed to be a mix between Diablo and Terraria! It Lurks Below is the latest game from David Blevik, who is the creator of Diablo II. It features Terraria...

The Operating Room - 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors Part 5

98 views Apr 24, 2018
In which Junpei tries to escape the operating room, and what happens afterwards.

The Aftermath of The Seance - Danganronpa V3 Part 23

78 views Apr 22, 2018
After the events of the seance, the investigation continues!

Door 3, 7, or 8? - 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors Part 4

98 views Apr 19, 2018
Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors is a visual novel adventure game developed by Chunsoft. In 999, Junpei, a college student, is forced to play the Nonary Game to escape from a sinking cruise liner.

The Seance - Dangaronpa V3 Part 22

58 views Apr 11, 2018
A creepy seance in a dark room, what could possibly go wrong?

The 3rd Murder - Danganronpa V3 Part 21

70 views Apr 06, 2018
Who died this time? Not who I expected, I'll tell you that much!

The Student Council - Danganronpa V3 Part 20

86 views Mar 28, 2018
Oh yay, a student council.

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