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Woovit Campaigns are Real Offers

Your time should be spent making great content, not tracking down keys. Woovit connects you with 0 active developers and publishers with live campaigns. Most offer instant delivery of a key with review requests processed in ten days or less.

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Instant Verification and Qualification

Creating an account on Woovit is easy! Sign in with your YouTube or Twitch account and we will instantly verify your identity. Each campaign has minimum requirements set by the publisher who created the campaign

1. Sign in
2. Qualify
3. Accept Offer

Automated Deliveries

When you claim a key from Woovit, we automatically detect and share any content you create for a campaign with the offer’s name.

This means you do not have to upload, email, or report any videos you create and you can have peace-of-mind that the publisher or developer will see your content.

Show Publishers Your Portfolio

When you create a Woovit account you are also given a searchable creator profile to tell publishers and brands about you— fully customizable based on what information you want to share.

Display only what’s most important to you

Showcase and leverage your content to impress publishers and brands looking for partnered creators.

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Secure & Private Data

We keep your data safe and your contact information is not for sale or susceptible to unsolicited spam. To keep your identity private, we only use your official Twitch and/or YouTube APIs to sign in and record your subscriber/ viewer statistics to measure qualifications and track videos.

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