Albert Wilde: Quantum P.I.

Albert Wilde: Quantum P.I.Future Friends Games

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A freakish corpse… a pissed-off bookie… a wormhole to another reality… it’s just another day in the office for Albert Wilde, feline private eye. Untangle a mystery messier than a fresh hairball in this comedy noir adventure. 

Albert Wilde: Quantum P.I. is coming to Steam in 2022

Please read the game description in full. Any questions or queries regarding eligibility or campaign expectations, please email [email protected] or DM @KrisWB

About the game:

The name’s Albert… Albert Wilde. I’m the cat you come to when you need some justice in this town.

Albert Wilde is down on his luck. He’s broke, he’s friendless, he can’t get a girl, and his landlord won’t let him pee on the office wall anymore. When a pole-dancing flamingo stumbles upon a dead body in an abandoned warehouse, Albert decides that solving the case will also solve all his other problems. If only life were so simple...


🔎A bold blend of film noir, sci-fi, and crude animal humor!

🔎Innovative black and white graphics! 4:3 aspect ratio!

🔎Cunning villains! Ravishing dames!

🔎Loveable deadbeat hero on the road to redemption!

🔎Solve a mystery perhaps!

🔎An easy to play accessible adventure

🔎Captivating narration voice-over & peculiar handcrafted animal sounds.


🔍First person controller from a cat's perspective.

🔍Walk, run freely in several 3D scenes.

🔍Move around 1930 in a fictional NY city with your car.

🔍Dynamic conversation system with NPCs.

🔍Interrogate suspects.

🔍Spend around 4-5 hours on a bizarre narrative game.

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