Battle Bows

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Ready, Aim, POP!

In a far-off land in a distant realm, Inflatium is the source of all life. Those born there are living, breathing balloons! Their reserves have been depleted thanks to years of thoughtless use leaving them scraping to survive.

Much to your realm’s terror, their scouts have found pockets of Inflatium in your realm. Now, their armies are pouring into your world, unleashing creatures whose evolution has taken a different, deadlier turn.

Band together with other archers to defend your realm’s Inflatium from terrifyingly zany living balloons! Grab your bow and arrow, choose your elemental power, and rain down magical arrows from your castle tower. Strategize with your team to take down the increasingly challenging enemy waves and defeat difficult giant bosses. Explode powerful barrels and traps against speedy, sneaky, and flying balloons!

Try to earn the MVP crown in every game by hitting bonus skill targets to maximize your score. Outshoot the competition to earn your rightful ranking in the Battle Bow’s seasonal leaderboards.

Enjoy Solo, Quickplay Co-op, and Private Party Games featuring three difficulty levels and an endless mode to keep the fun going!

Endless fun and repeat playability!

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