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Cursed Dungeon Raider is an exploration adventure with spooky and horror elements, where you have to recover real historic artifacts from excavation sites. The dungeons and tombs are filled with traps and mythological monsters from the respective region.

The in-game artifacts you will find are based of 3D scans of real historic artifacts. This means this game has not only entertainment, but also an educational purpose, as it gives you further information about those exhibits and their locations.

Donate those artifacts to a museum to gain archaeological reputation and get access to new excavation sites or sell them on the black market to earn more money and buy new exciting equipment. Get new missions from official institutes or fulfill orders for nefarious ones.

Prepare your equipment before proceed with your next journey. Make sure to have enough light sources and batteries to brighten your path and the traps in front of you. Use chalk or stakes to remember where you came from or upgrade your drawn map to a real time sonar to keep track of you and monsters.

Travel all over the world and explore excavation sites from the Aztecs jungle over the ruins in Europe and the Egyptian deserts to the Terracotta army in Asia.

Use your home library to identify artifacts and show off your exhibits to other players in your gallery. Obtain information about the mythical monsters of each region to know about their strengths, weaknesses and how to exorcise, banish or extinguish them.

The adventure awaits ahead of you!

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