Death Crown

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Death Crown is a minimalist real time strategy in 1bit style, where you will be Death itself, commanding her legions of death, and punishing the human's Kingdom for their self-confidence.

Key features:

  • Clear strategic gameplay. Everything is very simple: you only have barracks producing troops, a mine producing gold, and a tower protecting your buildings. Every building is very important!
  • Local multiplayer. Punishing pitiful humans in a co-op with a friend is much more fun! And after then you can find out which one of you is cooler in PVP mode.
  • A memorable visual style. Seriously, how many strategies in 1bit style do you know?
  • Untypical story. Upgrade your troops, march through the foes lands sowing death and destruction, behold the fall of the Human's Kingdom in the breathtaking campaign.

The Story

At the end of the millennial war, when all the cemeteries were overcrowded with the bodies of the dead warriors, came the one who was called The King. Thanks to his unyielding will, King managed to subdue and unite all the lands. The Kingdom appeared, and the era of the Human began.

The King ruled wisely and fairly, but his time on this land ran out: Death came after him. But the will of the King was so strong that he could deny Death.

He was so proud that he humiliated Death itself. The idea of the overwhelming power and immortality didn't leave his mind. The King realized that power over the living was not enough for him.

The King decided to get the powerful artefact known as the Death Crown. Thus begins the War of the Death Crown.

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