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Wh- What are you doing here?

Did you not read the title?

I'll put it here again, just for you, but this time I'll make a tiny change that will probably help you out:

See that small, unnoticeable circle? Yes, the one in red that surrounds the word 'NOT'.

Yeah? You got it!

Oh, such a happy moment of learning that we got to share together!

And now that you've noticed it, I'm sure you will do the respectful thing and immediately stop reading the description for the game. You are now free to go do something else!


Oh, I get it.

You think that by reading this long description you will find out more about the game.


Here is a feature list you might find useful:

  • A whole lot of nothing
  • Me as the narrator
  • More nothing
  • I have some jokes ready I guess?
  • A lot of regrets

See how full of beautiful features this game is?

It was really hard to polish all these features to perfection, but I never gave up and pulled through it!

So now that you have full knowledge of everything you need to know, I am certain that you can go on with your life.

...why are you still reading this?

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