Elemental Survivors - extended Streamer build!

Elemental Survivors - extended Streamer build!Samobee Games


You know what's cool? Enemy hell games. You know what else is cool? Old-school RPGs. Put them together? It's a match made in bullet-heaven!

Elemental Survivors combines the best of both, in an auto-attacking, enemy extravaganza complete with unique attacks, powerful equipment, fantastical randomly-generated lands, a train of party members ready to help you with their own attacks and upgrades, magical mounts, god-like summons, and constantly updating content.

Special extended Streamer Build! Includes 4 extra areas, characters, and attacks! Also unlock the exclusive character, Gloom!

Elemental Survivors will be in Early Access and we will welcome all feedback to continue to grow and provide frequent updates!

In typical JRPG fashion, the world has been overrun by a massive number of enemies and it's up to you (and your train of party members) to defeat them, collect the Elemental Gems and rid the world of evil!

The controls are simple: walk around and try to avoid enemies while you auto-attack and collect xp to level. Towns and shops will appear at certain milestones where you can add party members and equipment to boost your attacks. Get ready to become an enemy blender!

Each run will have wave after wave of monsters to vanquish, until the final area boss spawns at the 20 minute mark. Runs will last as long as you can survive until the boss, or you, is defeated!

If you are defeated, don't worry. There are permanent upgrades to purchase to help you get even further in your quest to victory!

Here is a list of just some of the features, upgrades, and unlocks you can expect:

  • A wide variety of attacks to level as you destroy your enemies.
  • Varied randomly-generated areas to explore and unlock.
  • Upgradeable equipment to aid you or powerup your attacks.
  • Party members who increase your stats or skills, and who have their own specific attacks to make your party a powerhouse!
  • Area bosses to survive and defeat.
  • Gems to earn to purchase more areas with more enemies.
  • Permanent upgrades that will make you, or the enemies, even more powerful!
  • Evolutions to attacks, equipment, and characters! (try to discover them all!)
  • God-like summons to reign terror upon the battlefield! *
  • Regular updates that will include tweaks and features based on community feedback.

* Will be added during Early Access OR upon full launch.

We’re a wife/wife team building games in the chilly North of British Columbia in Canada. We love all things cute and girly! Also available on Steam now is Princess Farmer!

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**Key art by: Morgan Madeline (she/they)

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