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⚠️Festival Tycoon is coming to Steam Early Access on September 27th. Keys are going out now! ⚠️

Please read the description in full. Any questions or queries regarding to eligibility or campaign expectations, please email [email protected] or DM @KrisWB

Create and manage your own music festival empire. Book bands, setup stages, organise your line-up, layout tents and portaloos, roll out the food trucks and build your festival’s reputation to appease sponsors and earn big bucks.

Festival Tycoon

In Festival Tycoon, booking bands, setting up stages, organizing the line-ups, layout tents and portaloos is some of the many mechanics one will need to master to build the festival of their dreams.

Players will be able to create, design, and manage their own music festival empire, starting from humble beginnings in tiny fields to a Coachella-sized event.

A fusion of builder, management and RTS, Festival Tycoon is all about hosting the wildest festival the world has ever seen in adorable, colourful voxels.


🎪 Design the optimal festival layout: Place tents, VIP bungalows, glamorous stages, portaloos, festival decorations and more!

🎸Book talent and arrange a stellar line-up: Put your bargaining skills and musical taste to the test by hiring a range of bands across the likes of folk, rock and techno.

🎫 Attract sponsors and sell tickets: Appease sponsors like banks, record labels and drink companies for grants.

🤩 Keep the crowds happy: Be wary of your attendees' satisfaction, as unhappy punters are quick to take to social media and ruin your reputation!

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