GHOSTWARE: Arena of the Dead

GHOSTWARE: Arena of the DeadStride PR


GHOSTWARE is a retro-fps combining the lore-heavy plot and exploration of adventure games with the fast action of '90s shooters.

It's a unique hybrid that borrows the atmospheric gameplay and one-of-a-kind weaponry of Unreal, and blends them with metroidvania sensibilities and late 90s internet culture.


You are Molly, and you've been dead for quite a while. But this is about to change.

In one last attempt to bring back a forgotten videogame from his childhood, a mysterious Wizard resorts to a forbidden ritual.

You and other ghosts are taken away from your eternal slumber, and trapped inside an Arena Shooter reconstructed from the mage's own memories.

He aims to make the undead his own playerbase, reluctant pawns impersonating 90s shooters archetypes, bound to frag one other for as long as the Wizard commands.

However, the recklessness with which the magic ritual was conducted will soon start to show its consequences, and the ever thinning boundary between the magical dimension of the Arena and the real world will soon catch the interest of others...



  • Shoot your way out of the decaying reality you’ve been tossed into
  • Switch between an array of deadly weapons, each one better fit to a different scenario
  • Friends or foes
  • Survive the arena by playing solo in frantic deathmatches, or team up with other ghosts in the classic modes of King Of The Hill and Capture The Flag!
  • Make your choices
  • Meet a full cast of characters throughout your journey: win the favor of others to unlock additional paths or discover new items.
  • Explore the remnants of forgotten websites and abandoned maps
  • Find secret passages, unlock cheat codes and figure out what the outside world has been up to while you were away.


  • Instant action!
  • Customize every aspect of the match: choose your favorite map, your rulesets, your skill level, and hit play for a quick shootout!
  • Friends and foes
  • Arcade matches aren't canon, choose your favorite character to play as!
  • Very Important Playerperson
  • Experience a whole set of maps built exclusively for the Arcade mode!

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