Goblin and Coins II

Goblin and Coins IINikola Bulj


Goblin and Coins II, a 2D pixel art platformer with a unique twist - after the player loses all lives and all continues, they end up in a challenging level called the Underworld, where they must assembly the Golden branch in order to resurrect with additional continues/lives. 

Of course, the game can be made easier in many ways, including purchasing up to five upgrades in exchange for the collected coins (additional life, double jump, 99 continues, instant shrinking to gain access to crawl space tunnels and seeing the invisible objects/levels*) or using an "easier start" gameplay option in the settings menu. 

Planned release date is April 11th 2023, but this steam key will grant you instant access so you have time to check it out and hopefully write an article. The price will be $4.99 / €4.99.

The game features 25 handcrafted story levels, 5 boss arenas, upgrade store (no microtransactions of any kind, just coins collected in the game/levels), the Underworld and 5 hidden levels. 

It supports English, Serbian, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese-Brazil, Greek, Ukrainian and German so far, and Turkish in the works. 

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