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Hell is Others

⚠️ Hell is Others is coming to Steam in 2021. Request your key today for release! ⚠️

Hell is Others invites you to leave the safety of your safe house and step into Century City, a dystopian society whose economy is literally fuelled by blood. Venture into the streets to loot, explore, hunt and survive. Horrors stalk the streets; and the most hideous enemies could be other players.

Adam Smithson lives his daily routine of work/eat/sleep/repeat, cooped up in his claustrophobic apartment listening to the never-ending repetition of songs spat out by his gramophone all day and taking care of his beloved plants. The normality of this mundane cycle is only broken by one thing, the thing that terrifies him the most, having to leave his four walls to go into Century City; the city that could cost him everything.

After awaking on his sofa and discovering a Magnolia Bonsai growing in an old vase, the cracks begin to show in the reality which he’s created. Who placed it there while Adam slept, why that particular plant, and most importantly, why Adam?


The outside world is filled with unknowns and evils. The Things stalk every alleyway, shop door entrance and crosswalk, waiting for the perfect time to strike and rip away the valuable blood in your veins to survive, while The Others want it for a different purpose, along with all the precious items you’ve collected on your run.

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The Things aren’t the only entities that should be feared in Century City. Stalking the same pathways you do are monsters that feel familiar to Adam, close yet so distant, maybe The Others are just like you. As fast as predator can become prey, make sure you’re using all of Adams senses to stay on top of the food chain.


In the dystopian world that Adam survives in, Blood isn’t only something that feeds his precious Magnolia Bonsai and the rest of his plant collection, but collect enough from Things or Others and you’ll be able to exchange it for hard cash at the Bank.


Ensuring your plants grow big and healthy means a constant supply of blood is needed, but what if there was a way to grow different crops? What if enhancing crops yields better results? Only time, patience and dedication will show you what is possible in Hell Is Others.


Outfit Adams' apartment with an array of new appliances to change his crumbling home into a castle for a king. A new cooker, refrigerator or oven can make all the difference in how a home feels alongside being used for a multitude of purposes; and maybe the vendors will have something new every day for the right price.


Century City seems to change every time Adam enters its ghastly grip. Explore to your heart’s content but be warned; if you lose the way home, you might just end up losing what’s in your pockets.

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