Hive Jump 2: Survivors

Hive Jump 2: SurvivorsStride PR


You are alone. Your squad is dead. You have your weapon, a jetpack, and a fistful of courage. Fend off murderous alien hordes and transform their precious guts into explosive upgrades, utilities and relics. Become an overpowered agent of vengeance in this bullet-heaven action roguelike.

Key Features

  • Build your Jumper - Earn weapons, upgrades, and abilities to create the ultimate soldier.
  • Jetpacks - Utilize your jetpack to dodge enemies and traverse the environment in search of Hives.
  • Permanent upgrades - Unlock permanent abilities to give your Jumper an edge from the start of every run.
  • Auto and manual aiming - Auto-fire at enemies to focus on movement, or take aim yourself at any time.

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